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So. Who’s doing all of the fireworks?

Fireworks and Agitators So. Who’s doing all of the fireworks?It was in the evening of the first round of protests that I started noticing them. It started at dusk, and continued until well past midnight. Fireworks, seemingly being let off all around me. I’m born and raised right here and I’m of the age where […]readmore

The Good in it All

Protesting has become the new social outing After three months of being quarantined into a bubble that consisted of the people you live with and a few close friends or family, the dozens of protests in our city haven’t just been an opportunity to express our collective outrage. They have been an opportunity to just […]readmore

Where Are We Going?

By Marlon Rice If I’m being honest, it took me days to write this article. Like you, I’ve had to deal with an increased level of stress over the last week. I’ve had headaches. I’ve had a harder time sleeping. And, my focus has been strained. I’m tired. Emotionally. Worn out. 2020 has been difficult.We’ve […]readmore

The Future Ain’t What it Used to Be

Going outside is different, ain’t it? I went to Wegman’s yesterday to do food shopping and waited on a line that wrapped itself around the corner onto Flushing Avenue, while standing approximately six feet from the person in front of me. We were all wearing masks, and being around a bunch of people wearing masks […]readmore

To Be, or not To Be… Outside? That is the

While in quarantine, I have continued more or less to maintain the level of physical activity that my body is used to, mainly the running. I’m treating this time as I would if things were normal. The Brooklyn Half Marathon would’ve been happening on Saturday May 16th, and so my running schedule has been based […]readmore

The Classism of a Pandemic

My sister Kyam is a Senior Accountant with a top-rated global accounting firm. Her twin daughters are at the top of their classes in all subjects. When Covid caused us all to shelter-in-place, the firm sent my sister home with everything that she needed to do her job. She was already working from home a […]readmore

Thinker’s Notebook: The COVID-19 Interviews – Jerome Archer

Jerome Archer is both a business owner and an essential worker. As a business owner, his barber shop Platinum Cuts has been closed for weeks due to the shutdown of beauty industry shops. As an essential worker, he is still working with the Department of Sanitation every day. We talk with him about both roles […]readmore