Clinton Hill Outrage

Artshack Brooklyn posts Racially Insensitive “Art” Hung in Store Windows Clinton Hill residents were shocked Tuesday as pictures were posted throughout social media showing the front windows of Artshack Brooklyn, located at 384 Waverly Place. The windows were decorated with caricatures that appeared to be in Blackface, with what looked like ropes around their necks. […]Read More

Why We Should Support the Test: Part 2

“Specialized High Schools are critical to the fabric of New York City because they function as, what I like to call, ‘STEM boot camps.’ They do a phenomenal job of preparing kids for the STEM industry. There is a strong case for Specialized High Schools because of their consistent performance, regardless of racial makeup. They […]Read More

Why We All Should Support the Test

Thinker’s Notebook On October 26, approximately 28,000 students will sit for the Specialized High School Admissions Test. The test is given annually, and every eighth- and ninth-grade student in the city is eligible to take it. Much has been discussed regarding the exam and the low numbers of Black and Brown children being admitted to […]Read More

Help Save the Magnolia Tree Earth Center

In the late 1960’s, a woman named Hattie Carthan noticed that a massive Magnolia Tree was growing in her neighborhood. Magnolia Trees aren’t known to grow much in the north, so to have a 45-foot Magnolia sitting tall and mighty on Lafayette Avenue was a special thing indeed. The tree sat in front of three […]Read More

Trump broke the whole thing

  I have a question. If you had to vote for a Democrat today, the person that will eventually go up against Donald Trump in the General Election, who would you vote for?  Biden? Booker? Harris? Warren? The third Democratic Debate aired last week, drawing solid numbers in viewership. Fourteen (14) million people tuned in […]Read More

Thinker’s Notebook: A Most Important Rock

  By Marlon Rice I was sitting on my stoop last week. Three boys were walking down the block. As they approached me, I could hear their conversation. The taller of the three said, “Y’all see how the Amazon is burning?” The kid closest to the curb replied, “No, they ain’t. They just sent my […]Read More

Which came first, the chicken or the meme?

  If you were able to somehow live through the past seven days without hearing about the new Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich, please forward the address of the fallout shelter that you live in, and in the event of a nuclear holocaust, we can convene in your shelter and discuss every other pop culture wave you […]Read More

Thinker’s Notebook: The Fabric of Blackness

Marlon Rice “If what connects us is stronger than that which would divide us, the miles between, say the streets of Central Brooklyn and a beach on an island in the Atlantic, can fade in a moment with the sharing of a story or a close encounter.” – Bernice Green What I’m writing at this […]Read More