Support for Kaepernick Grows

After Charlottesville, millions are seeing a connection between the NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s choice to not rise to the lyrics of the National Anthem which, as he sees them, are hypocritical and contrast with the reality of our times. Yesterday, thousands in New York City gathered at the National Football League Headquarters to protest the […]Read More

The Thinker’s Notebook: The Voting Paradox

by Marlon Rice Every four years, the entire nation cycles its focus onto picking the next President of the United States. Candidates spend millions of dollars to catch your attention, hoping that the plethora of television and print ads, coupled with satisfactory debate performances and endorsements from your favorite celebrities will be enough to sway […]Read More

Thinker’s Notebook: Summer shouldn’t be so dark

By Marlon Rice Justin Hackley was a kid from my neighborhood. I’ve known his mother Marie since I was a teenager, grew up right across the street from her family. He was 20 years old, a young man home on summer break from college, preparing for his senior year at Delaware State University. On a […]Read More

Thinkers’ Notebook by Marlon Rice

Lift Every Voice The idea that only white voices, or only foreign voices, or only other voices are the ones that are shaping the narrative of this New Brooklyn is a farce. I told Tai Allen that I’d meet him at Khem’s Jerk Spot, but it doesn’t open until 2pm on Sundays and our meeting […]Read More

The Thinkers Notebook by Marlon Rice

Bill Maher, Ice Cube and this alleged Repurposing & Repossession of “nigga” What if I took a gun, stuck a rose stem first into the barrel and called it a vase? And then, every time me or my friends walked around with this gun with a rose stuck inside we called it a vase, but […]Read More

Thinkers Notebook by Marlon Rice: Love Your Neighbor

The other day I was doing some petitioning along Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights. Petitioning isn’t just a necessary part of the democratic process, but it’s also an opportunity to interface with your community. If you can wade through all of the no’s and I’m not interested’s, and if you can bounce back from being […]Read More