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One School of Thought

Summer is winding down, and the school season is upon us. If this was a normal year, we’d be talking about back to school sales and children enjoying the end of yet another innocent summer. Except this isn’t just any year. This is 2020, and nothing at all is normal about it.Our children have been […]Read More

Your Hand Sanitizer Could be Killing You

As if 2020 hasn’t introduced enough danger into our lives, we are now learning that one of the products that is supposed to be helping us in our fight to stay healthy and Covid-free could be killing us. Hand sanitizer use has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic. In theory, hand sanitizer is a […]Read More

The Black Business Conundrum

Two weeks ago, I was waiting in a social distancing line to get into a Korean fish market in my neighborhood. It is a fish market that I’ve been patronizing for years; decent prices, good variety, the kind of place where you enjoy shopping because you can get what you want. A friend of mine […]Read More

The Two Bed Stuys

I spent my Sunday afternoon having a wonderful at-home brunch with some friends on the deck of my girlfriend’s house in Bed Stuy. It was just us and two other couples… our quarantine bubble. We bought wine from Bed Vyne Wine and Spirits over on Tompkins, and we cooked food and played this game called […]Read More

St. James Infirmary

I need to preface this article with the following statements. First, and most importantly I consider myself a friend to the St James Block Association and to Ms. Gail and Mr. Jo. I think that they are both valuable assets to our neighborhood and I believe wholeheartedly that the block party that they have curated […]Read More

To Be or Not To Be… Open Again.

Monday July 6th is supposed to be the day that New York City moves into Phase 3 of reopening. In Phase 3, restaurants would be able to resume dine-in seating at 50% capacity. Nail salons, tattoo parlors, massage parlors and spas would also be allowed to resume business, also at 50% capacity. Our city was […]Read More

So. Who’s doing all of the fireworks?

Fireworks and Agitators So. Who’s doing all of the fireworks?It was in the evening of the first round of protests that I started noticing them. It started at dusk, and continued until well past midnight. Fireworks, seemingly being let off all around me. I’m born and raised right here and I’m of the age where […]Read More