What’s Missing?

Thinker’s Notebook By Marlon Rice Our conversation went something like this:  Me: I’m going to use RFID technology to track my children. Him: You mean, the mark of the beast? Me: No, I mean RFID technology. Him: Like a chip inserted into them? Me: No. More like GPS tags attached to their clothing and bookbag. Him: You don’t think that’s a bit much? Me: […]Read More

Owners Fight to Save the Black Lady Theater

By Marlon Rice The sordid legacy of the estate of Judge John Phillips took yet another interesting turn last month, as Marshals evicted the owners of The Black Lady Theater citing a referee’s deed held by a known slumlord.   Chief Clarence Hardy and his son Omar contend that they have been unlawfully removed from […]Read More

It’s More Than A Crawl

So, I arrive at The Black Lady Theater at 11am sharp for sound check. A week prior to my arrival for sound check, I received an email from my friend Kerry Coddett. She asked if I would like to address the participants of Kwanzaa Crawl, I’d be speaking to the crowd about Kwanzaa. Kerry and […]Read More

George Harris: The King of Kings County

Thinker’s NotebookBy Marlon Rice One day last summer, George texted me asking what I was doing. It was a slow Saturday, and I happened to have been free of my kids, so I hit him and told him I wasn’t doing anything. He told me that he wanted to talk and asked if I could […]Read More

Lizzo, The Lakers Game, and the Fetishization of the Big

Thinker’s NotebookBy Marlon Rice This past Sunday evening, rapper and singer Lizzo began trending on social media for appearing at a LA Lakers game wearing a black T-shirt dress which was cut out in the back, revealing her thong and fishnet stockings. Doubling down on the risque, during the Lakers cheerleaders’ performance to her song […]Read More

Tackling The Green Divide

Thinker’s Notebook By Marlon Rice Every other Wednesday and Friday, I teach Urban Ecology at PS 81 on Dekalb Avenue in Bed-Stuy. A couple of years ago, the school was gifted an entire Hydroponics lab. In September a friend of mine, Earl Silas, introduced me to Principal LaTrace Finney. Principal Finney is a pioneer, a […]Read More

The Kunta Kinte Shirt, The Gestapo-Inspired Workout and Why I’m

The Thinker’s Notebook By Marlon Rice Here are the facts: Three weeks ago, media reps from the NFL began calling around to media outlets. Their message to the outlets, be ready for a breaking story next Tuesday. A week after prepping the media, NFL officials reached out to Colin Kaepernick on the following Tuesday, offering […]Read More

As Above, So Below

Thinker’s Notebook   By Marlon Rice I can tell you dozens of subway stories from my time growing up in this community.  When I was a kid, my mom would take the train home and if she needed extra hands to carry bags then she’d call me when she was leaving work and I would […]Read More