Tackling The Green Divide

Thinker’s Notebook By Marlon Rice Every other Wednesday and Friday, I teach Urban Ecology at PS 81 on Dekalb Avenue in Bed-Stuy. A couple of years ago, the school was gifted an entire Hydroponics lab. In September a friend of mine, Earl Silas, introduced me to Principal LaTrace Finney. Principal Finney is a pioneer, a […]Read More

The Kunta Kinte Shirt, The Gestapo-Inspired Workout and Why I’m

The Thinker’s Notebook By Marlon Rice Here are the facts: Three weeks ago, media reps from the NFL began calling around to media outlets. Their message to the outlets, be ready for a breaking story next Tuesday. A week after prepping the media, NFL officials reached out to Colin Kaepernick on the following Tuesday, offering […]Read More

As Above, So Below

Thinker’s Notebook   By Marlon Rice I can tell you dozens of subway stories from my time growing up in this community.  When I was a kid, my mom would take the train home and if she needed extra hands to carry bags then she’d call me when she was leaving work and I would […]Read More

Harriet, Dolemite and the Art of Storytelling

Thinker’s Notebook   By Marlon Rice Two particular movies came out over the last two weeks that depict fictionalized stories about a pair of Black folks that were both iconic within their own eras and environment.  I want you to appreciate that first sentence, as it took me half an hour to find the words […]Read More

The Meaning of Wild Famous

Thinker’s Notebook The last days of October are a special time in New York City. Brownstone stoops are decorated with pumpkins and skeletons, and the young children in the neighborhood are ready to trade in their fright for candy. Politicians are making their last rounds, appearing at every church and fall festival hoping to trade […]Read More

Why We Should Support the Test Part 3

Thinker’s Notebook “When I hear politicians and others in education talking about getting rid of the test, what I infer from what they are saying is that Black and Brown children aren’t smart enough to take and pass the test, and the only way that they can get into a Specialized High School is if […]Read More

Clinton Hill Outrage

Artshack Brooklyn posts Racially Insensitive “Art” Hung in Store Windows Clinton Hill residents were shocked Tuesday as pictures were posted throughout social media showing the front windows of Artshack Brooklyn, located at 384 Waverly Place. The windows were decorated with caricatures that appeared to be in Blackface, with what looked like ropes around their necks. […]Read More

Why We Should Support the Test: Part 2

“Specialized High Schools are critical to the fabric of New York City because they function as, what I like to call, ‘STEM boot camps.’ They do a phenomenal job of preparing kids for the STEM industry. There is a strong case for Specialized High Schools because of their consistent performance, regardless of racial makeup. They […]Read More