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The Most Racially Progressive any NYC Teacher can be is

  By Michael A. Johnson As a principal, I’ve met teachers I wouldn’t want anywhere near my kids, and then there were many great and wonderful teachers who I’d hire 100 times over, regardless of that teacher’s race or nationality. Black students can’t wait for America to get its “racial act” together; they need a […]readmore

I dream of a world where we paid more money

I dream of a world where the poor, and often really innocent, Black incarcerated men and women could get $500.00/hour attorneys. And that these same people would not be forced to live under inhumane conditions or, as in the case of Kalief Browder, be driven insane and/or die because they don’t have bail money or […]readmore

I Want a Public School: “How Hard Are You Really

Recently there was another of those interesting Facebook ‘challenges’ titled: “How Hard Did Aging Hit You?” (Give those creative Facebook algorithmicteers credit for their ability to keep coming up with ideas to get eyeballs to platform!) For my discriminating eyeballs, I always preferred the ‘matured’ photos; I also rejected the premise, and the I suspect […]readmore

It Takes More Than One Month to Strengthen Black Students’

On Education Think of it as a simple arithmetic problem: Student W receives 12 months of cultural affirmation, racial acknowledgement and privileged recognition. Student B receives 12 months of cultural disregard, racial denigration & ethnic repudiation and then one month of an often badly planned and sometimes patronizing “Black History Month Celebration” (BHMC). Question: Which […]readmore

Why Not Have a Real NYC Specialized High School Integration

Part 2: The real history behind the NYC Specialized High School (SHS) ‘Integration Problem’ and how it could be fixed, if fixing it is really the objective… “How many effective schools would you have to see to be persuaded of the educability of poor children? If your answer is more than one, then I submit […]readmore