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Margo McKenzie


After thirty-three years of dedicated service as an educator and administrator, I continue to teach and inspire through the gift of writing.

Because Reading is Still Fundamental

How to keep your child interested in reading and thinking about what she/he has read might be one challenge you’ve encountered these last two weeks. If you’re running out of books, we offer a solution: a list of websites which provide free access to books of all kinds. In addition to reading, encourage your child […]Read More

Don’t Let Closed Schools Impede Learning

by Margo McKenzie Although schools are closed, a loss of classroom time does not have to equate with a loss of learning. With talk of the coronavirus over the last few weeks, and the prospect of school closure looming, proactive schools/teachers may have provided their students with instructional materials and/or access to learning platforms such […]Read More


A Coalition Rallies to Save Abolitionist’s Home

                                      By Margo McKenzie      A coalition of four community organizations rallied in front of the Manhattan Municipal Building at 1 Centre Street, to get the Landmarks Preservation Commission to preserve 227 Duffield Street in downtown […]Read More

The Road to Wakanda: Census 2020

Does your community need more affordable housing units? Maybe you need more garbage collectors or more day care centers. Are there enough senior housing units in your community to accommodate the residents who live there? Perhaps you are considering opening a business and want to target a specific group. How many of them live in […]Read More

Black Female Judges Converge in Bed-Stuy

A panel of six African-American female Brooklyn judges convened on Saturday, March 24 at the Quincy Street Senior Citizens Residence to discuss their roles, responsibilities and advice. As part of the meeting of the Vanguard Independent Democrats Association (VIDA), this Women’s History Month exhibit of “Advancing Equality through the Judiciary” drew additional judges, politicians, community […]Read More

A Black Panther Voice Roars from Brooklyn

The “Black Panther” movie continues to break box office charts. According to IndieWire on line magazine, the movie is “on course to become the greatest comic-book movie in history.” These accolades mostly point to the millions it will make. Other political and cultural factors contribute to its distinctive success such as display of black power, […]Read More