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Herman Bell’s Release Brings A Lot to Light

The parole of Herman Bell last week after 44 years has released a 70-year-old man from prison – Shawagunk Correctional Facility in Ulster County – and unleashed a torrent of outrage from various quarters. Backlash comes unanimously from the family of one of the cops he was convicted of killing. Diane Piagentini, widow of one […]Read More

Crazy Racism And A Possible Remedy

What exactly is going on?! Incredulous Black people across the nation want to know. now. While racist incidents have long been part of our consumption of news, it appears these they are more prevalent than ever. Some encounters are baffling and senseless, others clearly deliberate and heinous. They demonstrate the extent to which Black citizens […]Read More

Lawsuit Demands that NYC Do the Math on Class Size

The City of New York has been charged with reducing class sizes since 2008 when then-Public Advocate Bill de Blasio promised to be a nuisance until it was accomplished. The historic 13-year Campaign for Fiscal Equity had recently been victorious in State Supreme Court and the state gave NYC $1.5 billion to abolish disparities between […]Read More

Dead Woman’s $2.5M Brownstone Sold for $50,000

A beautiful brownstone in Prospect Heights, valued at over $2 million, was scheduled for sale at auction yesterday. But it was removed from the list, reported as having been sold on January 31st for $50,000. Before that, it was sold for $10,000. Neither sale was by either of the owners. The body of the woman […]Read More

Winnie Mandela: Tactical Visionary and Profile in Courage

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela joined the ancestors on April 2nd at the age of 81, leaving the nation of South Africa bereft of an iconic leader and the world in mourning. Although she came to public prominence as the wife of freedom fighter, and later president, Nelson Mandela, she built sarong and lasting legacy of her own. […]Read More

Linda Brown, 76: Her Father’s Love Forced a Lawsuit and

Once the focus of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education ruling desegregating public schools across the United States, Linda Brown has passed away at age 76. The Topeka, Kansas native’s father, Oliver L. Brown, the central plaintiff, was incensed that his nine-year-old should have to pass the nearby, and all-white Sumner School that would […]Read More

March for Our Lives: The Game-Changer Must Honor the Long

Last weekend’s “March for Our Lives” mass protest on the Washington, D.C. National Mall has been a game-changer in the gun violence discussion. It is said to be the largest gathering ever on the Washington Mall – though some would disagree given that estimates vary from 500,000 to 800,000 people attending, where estimates for the […]Read More

Les Payne: A Giant of Journalism, Passes

During both his reporting and administrative days, Payne e was known for his passion for justice and unvarnished truth. In 2006, his editor at the paper said that Payne’s column was, “so strong, so provocative and generated so much hate mail, that Newsday editors got to know the names of all the Suffolk County Police […]Read More