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Unbossed & Unbowed: Ingrid Griffith’s Play Brings Shirley Back

Q&A with Playwright/Actor Ingrid Griffith and Maitefa Angaza for Our Time Press Shirley Chisholm returns to tell her story in outspoken terms in playwright Ingrid Griffith’s new work, Unbossed & Unbowed, on Friday, November 29th. Griffith herself plays the intrepid Caribbean-born politician in a one-woman, audience-engaged production at Bailey’s Café. She tells Our Time Press […]Read More

Brown and Barkley: Men Behaving Badly

By Maitefa Angaza      Two men are in the news this week, not for their laudable accomplishments, but for their remarks to and/or about women. One was commenting on a debate about the proposed (and postponed) Harriet Tubman $20 bill and the other was giving his opinion about presidential candidates. The public’s responses to […]Read More

Outraged Brooklynites Protest NYPD Use of Excessive Force

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams chastised both police and teen protestors at a press conference on Tuesday morning over the charged nature of three recent encounters. The first two were accompanied by allegations of excessive force on the part of the police; the third were charges of destructive and assaultive behavior by thousands of young […]Read More

Central Brooklyn Food Coop Takes a Giant Step Forward

The Food Coop is Off and Running A new and Black-led food cooperative offering fresh produce, healthy grocery items and other nutritive fare will open next year, serving Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights. It’s been a long time coming but judging from the jubilation of its organizers and the enthusiastic reception of area residents, it was […]Read More

Black to the Stage!

Fall Preview of Black Theater Gleamed with Gems It was a joyous and electrifying evening at the Schomburg Center as the Black theater world convened to get a peek at the new fall season offerings on and off-Broadway and to present stage legend Andre De Shields with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The latter was the […]Read More