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The Black Obesity Epidemic and Coronavirus

By Maitefa AngazaBy now we’ve all heard that African Americans, and Black people overall, comprise the vast majority of cases of COVID-19 across the United States. The reasons cited — not that we didn’t know — are the high levels of life-threatening illnesses, healthcare disparities, income inequality, racism and stress we endure. Symptomatic of all […]Read More

Black Communities Nationwide Hit Hard by COVID-19

Wisconsin’s Gov. Tony Evers set many heads nodding across the nation when he spoke of the plight of people in Milwaukee.“The severity of this disease in the African American community is a crisis within a crisis,” said Gov. Evers.  He voiced what many have been thinking, seeing, and living: that the eye of the storm […]Read More

High Crimes Go Unpunished

By Maitefa Angaza Yesterday’s acquittal of President Donald Trump on charges of high crimes and misdemeanors was expected by most. Readers have likely been talking for a while now to friends and family about this day they saw coming. What did some of our media people and elected officials have to say? Charles Blow, a […]Read More

“We Stepped Out on Faith”

Dr. Adelaide L. Sanford Speaks “I would love for the Institute to have a building in Brooklyn, and by politicians in Brooklyn… Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the athletes or the entertainers would decide that they should have a permanent home.” “We made it necessary for the children to know elders and to respect them. […]Read More

Catching Up with Dr. Adelaide Sanford

Part 1An Interview by Maitefa Angaza for Our Time Press  Dr. Sanford spoke about the education institute established in her name, about John Henrik Clarke House, the Board of Education for People of African Ancestry, imperatives for children and parents, and establishing agency in our communities.  DR. ADELAIDE SANFORD:   First, I would like to […]Read More

A New New Lots Library: East New York Residents Help

By Maitefa Angaza      It’s official! The New Lots Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library system is on the way to becoming a new jewel in the family crown. A combined $26 million – $20M from Mayor De Blasio and $6M from Councilwoman Inez Barron – will go into a complete renovation and possible […]Read More

Attorney Lisa Lewis Demystifies the New Bail Reform

By Maitefa Angaza Come January 1st, New York State will enact its new cashless bail system and native Brooklyn lawyer Lisa Lewis couldn’t be more pleased. Although currently an attorney with District Council 37 working in the matrimonial unit, Lewis’ roots are in criminal law and her heart has long been in reform. She started […]Read More