Black to the Stage!

Fall Preview of Black Theater Gleamed with Gems It was a joyous and electrifying evening at the Schomburg Center as the Black theater world convened to get a peek at the new fall season offerings on and off-Broadway and to present stage legend Andre De Shields with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The latter was the […]Read More

California-Based Foundation Raids and Shutters WBAI

By Maitefa Angaza  A rude, and some say criminal, awakening greeted loyal WBAI-FM radio loyalists on Monday morning, with the news that the beloved, listener-sponsored progressive station had been effectively shut down. Although the signal was still live, the programming in its entirety was being broadcast from KPFK in North Hollywood, California, by Pacifica Foundation […]Read More

Kristina Newman-Scott: The New BRIC House Builder’s Got Tools!

Interview by Maitefa Angaza        As the new head of BRIC Arts Media, Kristina Newman-Scott valued listening and watching as useful tools during her first months there, allowing her natural curiosity to define her leadership style at the outset. Almost a year later, Newman-Scott is still observing while leading the team at BRIC in […]Read More

Kushner Switches Lanes while Cummings Moves Straight Ahead

  By Maitefa Angaza  White House Senior Advisor (and Donald Trump son-in-law) Jared Kushner never stopped communicating with – and has resumed spending time with – young Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This, in the aftermath of the horrendous murder of Jamal Khasoggi, a dissident Saudi native and a columnist for the Washington Post. What’s […]Read More

What Are Your Ideas for the Redesign of Restoration Plaza?

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation President Colvin Grannum is aiming to incorporate new purpose and services into its mission. “We recently finalized our five-year strategic plan to help disrupt and close the racial wealth gap based on the tenets of excellence, collaboration and innovation with the community remaining at its core,” says a statement front and […]Read More

New York’s 2019-20 State Budget Brings More than Money –

There’s a new sheriff in town and its name is The Democratic Party! Newly in actual power after the demise last fall of the Independent Democratic Caucus, the Dems hashed things out and eventually succeeded in presenting a unified front capable of delivering a $175 billion 2019-20 State budget that brings change concerning issues most […]Read More