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Is America coming apart at the seams? By Kimberlee Leto Is America coming apart at the seams? If I sat down to write a list of questions, looked on Facebook to see what people were posting about the Government Shutdown, Obamacare, Immigration and Welfare, that one question pops out at me. Is America coming apart […]readmore

AT HOME … Road to Recovery Crossing the Mason-Dixon Line

Over the past year, Upstate Roundtable journalist Kimberlee Currans-Leto has provided her singular perspective on current  socio-political conditions  from her writing studio just outside of Albany.  This winter, Currans-Leto and her husband plowed through the ice and snow of the Capital Region in their 960 Volvo station wagon to visit relatives in the South.  The […]readmore

HEALTH CARE REFORM:America's Pre-Existing Condition or …

 … How Do You Mend a Broken System, Broken Promises, Broken Hearts? (Part 5 of Five Parts) Kimberlee Currans-Leto UPSTATE ROUNDTABLE    (Troy, New York) There’s something rotten in America.  While other countries provide for their citizens, ours continue to struggle at every turn.    In today’s economy, families are faced with impossible pressures and decisions […]readmore

The Turning Point

The morning of September 21, 2009 dawned just like any other day in the Capital Region with thick fog and subtle fall colors quietly peeping.  For many it was business as usual, off to work or school, caught up in the usual traffic going toward downtown.  Still while the subtle suggestion of autumn remained heavy, […]readmore

Health Care Reform: Pt. 3 Who is an American?

It’s that time of year again. Dreaded by children of all ages across the country. The slow gradual progression from long summer days to even shorter hours of daylight is upon us.  The time of year when school bus yellow makes a come back, family members dash out the door, carpools are arranged and Friday […]readmore

The Road to Health Care Reform: The Human Right To

This issue of health care reform in recent weeks has become so politically charged and divided.  I believe this divide represents a great disparity between the “haves” and “have nots”.  Many people worry the reform in the wrong hands cannot possibly work but also will lead to many falling through the cracks.  For one, issues […]readmore