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Dethroning the Rivals

The 2018 Major League Baseball season has come to an end. It has been nearly three weeks since the Yankees were eliminated from the postseason by their rival Boston Red Sox. Fast-forward to three weeks later, the Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers to capture their fourth World Series title in the past 14 […]Read More

The Best of Brownsville

By now, we should all be up to speed regarding one of the greatest boxing stories probably ever when we talk about Brownsville, Brooklyn native Daniel Jacobs. A man who has overcome the odds and has been through so much. In 2011 during a USO in Iraq, Jacobs’ life would change forever. It was there […]Read More

 2018 Yankees Wrap-up

It was quite the roller coaster-like season for the New York Yankees to say the least. There were extensive winning streaks to go along with some rough patches and key injuries. All and all, it added up to a 2nd-place finish and a 100-win season. This team had to deal with some adversity as the […]Read More

 Small Steps

Who says it’s too early for a basketball article? Yes, we have the Yankees preparing for the Wild Card game on October 3 and we have football approaching Week 4. Heck, Tiger Woods won his first tournament in five years over the weekend. It’s definitely an exciting time to be a sports fan as we […]Read More

A Giants Mess

We have seen this scenario before and unfortunately for the New York Giants, so far this season has them on the wrong end of déjà vu. After last Sunday night’s lost to division rival the Dallas Cowboys, Big Blue finds themselves once again beginning the season at 0-2. The Giants were shut out in the […]Read More

That Darn Good

This past Monday night, the New York Jets began their 2018-19 campaign in Michigan where they battled the Detroit Lions. For the Jets, rookie Sam Darnold made his highly anticipated debut. With that, he also became the youngest quarterback in NFL history (21 years, 96 days old) to start an opening game. After a satisfying […]Read More

Jets/Giants Preview

Around this time last year, I had written a piece about what the 2017-18 New York football teams will look like. The Giants were expected to make some serious noise in the NFC, but key injuries suffered to both the offense and defense made it a very long season. In fact, the team just won […]Read More

The Final Run

This coming Saturday will mark the final month of the regular season. For the New York Yankees, it’s been one heck of a roller-coaster season filled with winning streaks and heart-breaking losses. The up and down season has a lot to do with a few key injuries the Bombers have endured. Coming into the 2018 […]Read More