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View From Here: We Need to See Clinton’s Speeches to

By David Mark Greaves Now that Attorney General Schneiderman has reached a $5 billion settlement with Goldman Sachs, stemming from their “deceptive practices leading up to the financial crisis” in the mortgage industry, it makes it imperative to know what Secretary Clinton said to the assembled financial industry elites at $225,000 per speech.  Did she […]readmore

Bernie’s Plans: The Money is There

By David Mark Greaves Secretary Hillary Clinton did a drive-by of three African-American churches in Brooklyn this past Sunday, where she assured the congregations that she was against gun violence, police shootings and was best buds with President Obama and the smiling pastors. This was followed up with a town hall that wasn’t a town […]readmore

View From Here: Elections 2016

By David Mark Greaves Women’s History Month is ending and Hillary Clinton is currently leading in the Democratic delegate, and were she to win the nomination, history-making in itself, she may well consider having Senator Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. It would bring the Sanders forces on board and she need not worry about “balancing” the ticket with a guy, she could instead […]readmore

Historic and History-Making

Next month, New York State Assemblywoman Annette Robinson formally announces her decision to step down. It’s been a long, hard run for the ardent community activist and stateswoman; we remember how she showed up at events others avoided or deemed politically unimportant. But last week, the 56th AD leader, a stickler for protocol, presented the message first to members of the Vanguard Independent Democratic Association (VIDA), […]readmore

High-Tech In Brownsville

  By Dylan Johnson, KCP In Brownsville’s Howard Houses on Friday afternoon, Central Brooklyn State Senator Jesse Hamilton brought together community leaders, elected officials, students, teachers and principals to announce for a conference on The Campus, the country’s first technology and wellness hub located in a public housing project. The Campus, spearheaded by the senator, is an initiative designed […]readmore

Election 2016: The Civil War revisited with a Class War

By David Mark Greaves Watching the Donald Trump phenomenon is to see two things, his appeal to base instincts and his economic populism regarding trade pacts and jobs lost.   If the coming battle was only against overt racism, then the Democratic nominee wins, hands down.   However, it’s the class war twist that adds another level […]readmore

Thanks to Chris Rock, Girl Scouts Raise Dough with Cookie

Host Chris Rock presents the amount of money (a joke) collected during the show by the Girl Scouts, including Rock’s daughters Zahra and Lola, onstage at the 88th Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. Rock, as the event’s host, made use of the opportunity to help his […]readmore

Interfaith Medical Center Honors Black History Here & Now      

  Easter came early this year at the Black History Program presented by clients and staff of Interfaith Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry, Ambulatory and Primary Care Programs and Community Affairs, which included a standing-room-only audience with stories of Resurrection, courage, faith and resilience. The program, seamlessly run by Mistresses of Ceremony Sharonnie Perry and […]readmore