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American History, Only Half Taught

A discussion on the need to include chattel slavery and its legacy as a major part of the curriculum in New York schools was held at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture last month.  Schomburg Director Howard Dodson moderated a panel composed of Dr. Adelaide L. Sanford, vice chancellor, New York State Board […]Read More

Bones and Souls of the African Burial Ground

If the bones and souls of the African Burial Ground could talk, there would be laughter ringing beneath the streets of Manhattan today.  The  20,000 buried there, awakened and shivering with the vibration of joyful drums overhead, would call out to each other to listen to the tread of thousands of New York City’s children […]Read More

Untapped Community Asset:the 13th Regiment Armory

Sitting in the heart of Bedford-Stuyvesant is a resource as full of possibilities as it is gargantuan in size.  With a building area of 231,834 square ft., the Armory for the 13th Regiment of the National Guard is the second-largest armory in the country, after the Bronx’s Kingsbridge Armory which itself is the center of […]Read More

Arena: Not a Done Deal ‘Til People Sing

When the Political, Real Estate and Financial power centers agree on a project, you have what they market as “a done deal.” Left out of the equation are the people, and on this project they intend to be players.  Bling-bling marketing with celebrity names distracts some people,  but others see this project as a rich […]Read More

Ugly Policing in Brooklyn Park

At about 1:45pm on Thursday, August 20th, we had just parked on St. Andrews Place, across from the park, when a police car raced onto the field and came to a halt in front of a man sitting on the player’s bench  behind the wire fencing.  The man was alone  facing the  sun and the […]Read More

“Bad Faith” by NYCHA Brings Tenants Together

The demonstration outside of  1786 Prospect Plaza held on November 13, was to bring attention to promises the New York City Housing Authority had made but not fulfilled as part of the HUD-funded $100 million HOPE VI Community Revitalization Project Ocean/Hill Brownsville.  Milton Bolton, president of the Prospect Plaza Tenants Association, said, “There’s been no […]Read More

Racial Control, Disease and the Lowdown on the “Down-Low”

The first I’d heard about an alternative lifestyle called “down low” was when Dr. Monica Sweeney spoke of it at the Health Crisis meeting called by Congressman Major Owens.   She explained, “What is ‘life on the down low?’  That means there are men who are married or otherwise connected to a female partner, who, when […]Read More