A Presidency on the Edge

As the possibility of impeachment becomes more and more real for him, we are watching the President of the United States expose himself not only as an international thug trying to shakedown the President of the Ukraine, but as a would-be dictator demanding his opponents be charged with treason. At any moment he could be […]Read More

Street Named for Brooklyn Jazz Legend

Last Sunday, Randy Weston Way was born at the intersection of Lafayette /Grand Avenue. The new street sign honors the famous pianist, humanitarian and scholar. The co-naming was just the latest in hundreds of tributes throughout the world to the King of African Rhythms who passed last year at 92. But this milestone was the […]Read More

Fighting Deed Theft, Preserving Legacy

    The meeting held last Saturday at Interfaith Medical Center, about reporting on the deed theft hearing and celebrating the bill that was passed, opened with Brownstoners of Bedford-Stuyvesant President emeritus Lynette Lewis Rogers giving the underlying theme of the meeting and the raison d’être of the Brownstoners themselves.  “That we have legacy and […]Read More

View From Here

By David Mark Greaves Last Sunday’s report on CBS’ “60 Minutes” about artificial intelligence removing 40% of the current job market means that economic survival will be dependent on creativity and making new connections that only the human mind is capable of. Rather than thinking about these humankind life-changing forces, we are called to confront […]Read More


Stolen Land, Stolen Labor: The Case for Reparations

    The discussion of reparations comes at another turning point in American history. The Supreme Court has ruled that partisan gerrymandering is outside of court control. This means that the Republican Party, now controlled by white supremacists, will continue to cement their voting power by devising voting districts that favor their control and cram […]Read More