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The Fight for Justice Continues

Last week, OTP presented the first part of a conversation with activist William Omowale Clay, spokesperson for the December 12th Movement.  That conversation centered on the issues Black people face today, and the importance of Black Solidarity. It continues next month.  Omowale also spoke on leadership in the example of the late Dr. Carlos Russell, founder of Black Solidarity […]Read More

View From Here: Which Will it be: Darkness or Light?

By David Mark GreavesI’ve never had such trepidation looking forward to a presidential election. There’s not only winning or losing. There’s almost winning or almost losing and the aftermath of fury that is possible. It is counting down the days between election and inauguration, with each day bringing new assaults on the system, leaving us […]Read More

In Unity, Strength:Millions of Votes, One Movement

View From Here By David Mark Greaves VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!There is no other message of any importance now. The only thing that can save us from being ruled by White supremacists and an elite who are satisfied with the masses having just enough for room and board while the profits of their production accrue to […]Read More

“Triumph of the Human Spirit”

The message cannot be masked: the Truth will out View From HereBy David Mark GreavesOnce upon a time, Columbus Day was a festive occasion. A day off from school. Parades. Flags waving. This was before we learned to instead honor Indigenous People Day and acknowledge that this was once their land, that we stand on […]Read More

Attorney Lola Waterman Speaks on …THE HEALTH PROXY

When we talk about estate planning, most of us think about what happens after death. But equally as important is estate planning for incapacity – when a person loses the ability to make decisions for him or herself. Notably, end of life documents such as a will do not help under these circumstances. Incapacity can […]Read More

“Mr. Vice President, I am Speaking!”

Sen. Kamala Harris “The American people have witnessed what is the greatest failure of any presidential administration in the history of our country,” said Senator Kamala Harris in the 2020 vice presidential debate with Vice President Mike Pence. View From HereBy David Mark GreavesThere is no more to say about Donald Trump. We are in […]Read More

The First Presidential Debate

View From HereBy David Mark Greaves If you were worried about the election before the first Presidential debate, you must be more so afterward. Trump has no respect for rules or constraints of any kind and it is painfully apparent that he has no intention of abiding by the results if he loses. And he […]Read More

Sen. Kamala Harris Debates VP Mike Pence Wednesday, Oct. 7

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) –the first African-American and Asian-American woman on a presidential ticket — will face off against Vice President Mike Pence during the 2020 election’s sole vice presidential debate on Wednesday, October 7 beginning at 9:00pm.It will be held at the University of Utah, and moderated by Susan Page, USA Today’s Washington bureau […]Read More