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Trump Impeached, Again

White privilege and White supremacy clenched their fists and ran amok at the U.S Capital last Wednesday and 5 people died.  Smashing windows, breaking doors, defecating, urinating in the building, threatening to hang Vice President Mike Pence and hunting for Nancy Pelosi and others as they were confirming the results of the presidential election.  While […]readmore

Our Time Press Q&A with …ROGER WAREHAM

Roger Wareham is a lawyer and political activist of over four decades. He is a member of the December 12th Movement, an organization of African people which organizes in the Black and Latino community around human rights violations.Roger is the International Secretary-General of the International Association Against Torture (AICT), a non-governmental organization in consultative status before […]readmore

Covid-10 Vaccine: How So Fast?

How was the coronavirus vaccine developed so fast? The answer is that science and technology have changed mightily since 1953 when Dr. Jonas Salk developed the polio vaccine. The first to change is the technology. There is far and away more computer power in a talking birthday card than the most advanced computers of the […]readmore


The Black American Library Card Project–a Community/BPL partnership– Celebrates the contributions and culture of Black Americans. This summer, Brooklyn Public Library will release a limited-edition library card celebrating Black American culture and history, in partnership with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Brooklyn›s Community Boards. The card will be released as part of BPL›s Juneteenth 2021 celebrations, the […]readmore

A Nation in Tatters

View From HereDavid Mark Greaves A nation in tatters is what we are as we begin 2021. The exiting president leaves a government at war with itself and with the citizenry and the citizenry at war with the government and with itself. People storming government buildings were scenes on television from other countries, not from […]readmore

A JUST MOVE! Brooklyn DA Gonzalez Enhances Diversity of Leadership,

Karla Watson Promoted to a Trial Bureau Chief and  53 New Assistant DA’s Appointed Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez today announced recent personnel moves that further enhance his Office’s professional excellence and diversity – a promotion of Assistant District Attorney Karla Watson to a Trial Bureau Chief and the appointment of 53 new Assistant District Attorneys who […]readmore

Prescription for Death:COVID-19 and INHUMANITY

Dr. Susan G. Moore Spoke Loud and Clear but She Was Ignored Dr. Susan G. Moore, 52, diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus November 29 and hospitalized, died Sunday, December 20. She claimed she was mistreated because of her race at the Indiana hospital where she passed, according to her family. Before her death she went […]readmore