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For Some, The Vote is a Vow to the Ancestors

This past weekend, Friday to Saturday, one-fifth of the nation cast early in-person votes at polling sites around the nation. It was a bright light amidst the dark and devastating statistics of COVID deaths, poverty lines, mothers dropping out of the workforce, high unemployment, overcrowded hospitals, and rising crime.They say a crisis forces rethinking and […]readmore

Another Milestone for the Brownstoners

By Bernice Elizabeth Green Over the past 40 years, the Brownstoners of Bedford-Stuyvesant have opened the doors of neighborhood homes to thousands of visitors through the annual Bedford-Stuyvesant House Tour – arguably New York State’s most beloved and sought-after tour of its kind. The event raises awareness of homeownership and neighborhood history, and funds for […]readmore

Remembering Chadwick Boseman and the Set of “42”

Summer of 2012, I interviewed Chadwick Boseman on the MacDonough Street “set” where important scenes were shot for the actor’s “42” feature film. Dodger great Jackie Robinson, the legend Boseman portrays in the film, lived at 526 in the 1940’s when he broke records and made history. Quite frankly, Jackie Robinson is in my genealogical […]readmore

Bringing it On: Taking Gun-Control Message to the Streets

State Attorney General Letitia James addressed the Sisters United Against Gun Violence rally, last Saturday, March 8. Women, mothers and supporters marched from Downtown Brooklyn Borough Hall to Central Brooklyn’s Restoration Plaza urging the community to join them in getting guns off the street and ending gun violence.“We’ve got to take the guns off the […]readmore

Just a thought … A Topical Solution: Hand Sanitizer as an Industry

Could communities where viruses and other related illness hit the hardest become centers of production for such products as hand sanitizers and other simply made products we currently import? The demand for hand sanitizers since the beginning of spring has increased  hundred-fold.and so have sales of the product.  It’s as much a big business as it is a public health necessity. […]readmore

Crossing Over

In Selma, Alabama, Sunday, July 26, 2020, the casket of John R. Lewis, an Alabama sharecropper’s son, national leader and Civil Rights icon, crossed the controversial Edmund Pettus Bridge pulled by a horse-drawn carriage over a carpet of delicate deep-red roses. It moved slowly near the site where, on March 7, 1965, the blood of […]readmore

Brown and Black Enterprises Matter

 by Bernice Elizabeth Green July 3 in front of One Police Plaza in Manhattan, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced his support of struggling Black and Brown businesses facing economic calamity and possible closure due to the ongoing COVD-19 pandemic. Adams’ effort is part of the continuing One Brooklyn multicultural campaign designed to grow a sustainable, more empowered Brooklyn.   Upon learning […]readmore

Working with Scooter Joe

A Remembrance In the Spring of 1969, as a rookie police officer not long after graduating from the NYC Police Academy, I was assigned to the 79 Precinct where I came to meet Joe Willins, a tall well-built Black man who carried himself with an element of confidence.  We seemed to be working the same shifts, […]readmore