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COVID-19: Facts vs Opinion

An Interview with Dr. Christopher Boxe Bernice Elizabeth Green: Your view on “facts versus opinion.” Why is it important to pay more attention to the information coming from professionals in the science arena than media, social media rumors or organizations’ press releases.  Dr. Christopher Boxe: Within the context of the continually evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and […]Read More

New York State May Become Epicenter for Research in Novel

While the politicians roil in Washington, D.C., corporations like Regeneron and universities like RPI (Rensselaer Politechnic Institute), leaders in their fields, are seeking the information to help researchers combat the new coronavirus. Twelve days into self-quarantine in Troy, New York, the publishers of Our Time Press got welcome words from a Thomas Pest Control representative: […]Read More

Special Salute to Orators of Our Time

  When we think of great orators, the names of Frederick Douglass, The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X easily come to mind. Although their messages of justice and freedom ring in harmony still, the mic is live and has not been dropped by their Brooklyn-based heirs. We heard two of them – […]Read More

Rediscovering Lost ValuesReflections

  Clinton Toussaint, 17…   During the Rediscovering Lost Values Tour we embarked on a journey and delved deep into American history. Specifically, how the rights of people across the world have been violated and focusing on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, segregation, Jim Crow and the events that led to the Voting Rights Act. What […]Read More

“We are Building …  All-Stars!”

  In 1975, Brooklyn’s landmark Girls High School of Nostrand and Boys High School on Marcy were merged to form Boys & Girls High School at Fulton Street and Utica Avenue. Now the school is a complex of three same at the same location appropriately called the BGHS Campus, comprising Boys & Girls High School […]Read More