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Bernice Elizabeth Green


Brown and Black Enterprises Matter

 by Bernice Elizabeth Green July 3 in front of One Police Plaza in Manhattan, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced his support of struggling Black and Brown businesses facing economic calamity and possible closure due to the ongoing COVD-19 pandemic. Adams’ effort is part of the continuing One Brooklyn multicultural campaign designed to grow a sustainable, more empowered Brooklyn.   Upon learning […]Read More

Working with Scooter Joe

A Remembrance In the Spring of 1969, as a rookie police officer not long after graduating from the NYC Police Academy, I was assigned to the 79 Precinct where I came to meet Joe Willins, a tall well-built Black man who carried himself with an element of confidence.  We seemed to be working the same shifts, […]Read More

Dispatch from Rural Ghana

… where Hand Washing is Sustainable on Purpose Two years ago, Brooklyn’s Stephen Mohney and Donald Yao Molato, in Ghana, provided Our Time Press with a report on sustainability projects in the rural village of WLI ((pron. Will-lee) Afegame. Mohney, a former P.S. 3 teacher and Environmental Coordinator, is founder of Tech4Ghana, a nonprofit that […]Read More


to My Beloved Sister: Barbara Allimadiby Milton Allimadi, Publisher, Black Star News  Many people who know my sister Barbara Allimadi who passed away on Monday night in Uganda, will remember her as a tireless and fearless fighter for justice, human rights, and democracy. She’s being referred to on social media postings as a “lioness” by […]Read More

My Top 5 Black Poets on Food By Sylvia Wong

As we head into May yearning for morsels of hope, remnants of peace, writer Sylvia Wong Lewis offers a nod to the month of April. And a salute to her favorite poets for the gifts of spiritual nourishment they share with us. (BG) It’s still April and National Poetry Month! For hungry, quarantined readers who […]Read More

Residents Give Hand and Heart

For the past week some Clinton Hill residents have been leaving their homes to cheer those First Responders who are battling an unseen enemy while trying to save lives. They came together to “bang the drum” and break the silence with whoops, bells and whistles.They were neighbors Keth Rice and her son Kody, Linda Vital, Mrs. Harrell and Karina, […]Read More