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Parents Notebook: Empowering Children at Home

Power is synonymous with authority, control, influence, supremacy, clout or dominance.   Gubernatorial candidate Charles Barron articulates the mission of the Freedom Party as accessing power for the masses of people.  Gaining power on the political front will require unity and unity depends on  individuals’ ability to exchange capitalist-honed values from “What’s in it for me?” […]Read More

Sister’s Community Hardware – Paying Homage to Black History and

Sister’s Community Hardware, located at 990 Fulton Street between Washington and Waverly Avenues since 2002, attracts the attention of pedestrians and motorists during the day or night.  The store’s front is all glass.  By day, an artist’s rendition of a giant globe encircled by children of diverse ethnicities holding hands is easily visible. At night, […]Read More

Parents Notebook: Kujichagulia – Self Determination

    Mayor Bloomberg recently announced his plan to use test scores as a factor in deciding which teachers earn tenure. Test scores are already being used to determine teacher and principal bonus pay, to assign A through F letter grades that schools receive and to decide which schools are shut down for poor performance. […]Read More

Another View of Elections

Parents, with our decision to have children came the responsibility to nurture their innate genius while modeling behavior that fosters community.  The goal is to have them grow up taking responsibility for their performance, knowing they play an integral role in shaping their personal environment as well as their community at large.  As parents, we […]Read More

Lefferts Place Residents and Developers -The Saga Continues

Lefferts Place is only three blocks long, running parallel to Fulton Street and Atlantic Ave. and bounded by on the east and St. James Place on the west.  My block is the middle block – a tree-lined street with brownstones and compatible apartment buildings. I’ve lived here since 1972. Three of my children were born […]Read More

Competition: A Partner In Education

Competition: a Partner in Education Our education system is about memorizing information and passing tests.    The standardized curriculum with standardized tests determines a student’s grade and influences college and career choices and unfortunately self-esteem.  The student’s innate intelligences or level of interest are not considered.   Can we change this formula and create environments that put […]Read More

The Parent’s Notebook

Making Schools Work for Parents As another calendar year approaches its end and Kwanzaa is days away, it’s the perfect time to assess effectiveness in all areas of our lives and revamp our plans for the coming year.     On the school front the Fall Open School sessions have just concluded.    Conversations with teachers and parents […]Read More

The East… Remembering a Wellspring

Entering the lobby of the Summerfield Suites in Atlanta, Friday evening, October 10th, one did Aminisha Black (Left) speaks with Abena Suma not have to ask where the EAST Sisterhood Reunion was being held.   The hum of spirited conversation led to the meeting room gradually filling as 40 women arrived from Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, […]Read More