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A Collective Purpose for the Coming Year: “Unleashing The Genius

Reading, listening or watching the daily news, we are bombarded with the rampant violence occurring in our homes, neighborhoods and cities.  Interestingly enough, while perpetrators (some) are sought and prosecuted for their acts of violence, our government rewards young men and women for volunteering to go into other countries wielding weapons and unknown numbers of […]Read More

Retrieving Parent Power

While the media gives readers and viewers news flashes daily, it’s rare that we get more than a name, location and date of the incidents.  The Children’s Defense Fund’s statistics are gathered and presented in a way that arouses attention and a call to action.  Visit www.childrensdefense.org to access statistics on children state by state. […]Read More

Power To Parents!!

For many years during and after slavery the first priority of African American parents was making sure their children stayed alive.  This gave rise to the attitudes that “Children should be seen and not heard” and “Spare the rod –     Spoil the child”. These survival practices are still being used today.  Having survived to some […]Read More

Revisiting Self-Esteem and Saving Our Children

Nelson Mandela has been a hero for many years, an example of one with an extremely high sense of self-esteem.     He has always been grounded in his life’s purpose; he has not shown anger about the past, including being imprisoned for 27 years.  He did not exhibit anger about apartheid, just a determination to end […]Read More

Much Parent Education Work To Be Done Re: Myth Of

By: S.E. Anderson Ed Activist Folks, Just a note to say that I attended our little counter charter school rally this morning. By “our” I mean the Coalition for Public Education. It appeared that no other progressive education activist group was in attendance to point out the fact that by law, charter schools are supposed […]Read More

We Owe It To Our Children … Parent: Getting Through

It is in the day-to-day family interactions that either self-esteem blooms or the spirit is broken, flames of anger lit and seeds of hostility and resentment are sewn. For some years our teenagers, who are at a very vulnerable stage, have fallen prey to ills that throw them off the path to reaching their full […]Read More

Whose Children? Our Children!!

by Aminisha Black The statistics on our youth is dismal and demands, deserves the attention of all.  As the numbers rise of youth being killed by guns in Brooklyn, NYC and across this country, I’m convinced that the time is long overdue to resurrect the village whose highest-held value was relationships between humans and the […]Read More

Extending Family And Community Involvement

by Aminisha Black The extended family has traditionally provided continuity in values, tradition and knowledge.  There was ready access to elders who had traveled the road before.  The statistics on the plight of our youth today demand that we change the way we do things.  We still have elders either by experience or training.  We […]Read More