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Getting NYCHA Housing in the Black

“NYCHA is in a crisis. Therefore, up-to-the-minute stats on each building is required. We don’t have the day-to-day Comstats. It will take new people, new management systems and data-driven work to help struggling New Yorkers. Let’s go building by building and fix the greatest infrastructure that was ever built.”—NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer True to its […]readmore

Community Gardens are Urban Oases

In the midst of fast-paced urban Brooklyn, there exists lush, quiet oases. These oases were once building lots where Italianate rowhouses or federal-style mansions stood. Now, they are community gardens where, in the main, neighbors come together to grow food. Other community gardens grow food and flowers. Still, others have chicken coops. On Saturday, September […]readmore

Community Board No. 3: New Residence Announced; Application Submission Deadline

After a two-month summer recess, Brooklyn Community Board No.3 (BK CB3) came to order on September 10, 2018 for the general board meeting. It was held in Restoration Plaza’s The Billie Holiday Theatre. This reporter arrived at the beginning of the public hearing on Comunilife Inc.’s construction and promotion of Comunilife Woodhull Community Residence. Comunilife […]readmore

The Co-naming Ceremony for Frank and Doris Bell Way

For their steadfast business acumen and community service, funeral homeowners Frank and Doris Bell posthumously received the gift of a street co-naming ceremony on Saturday, September 1, 2018. Public Advocate Letitia James, who is running for New York State Attorney General, said, “Honor the life and legacy of Frank and Doris Bell. For more than […]readmore

Memorial Service for William R. Howard, A Man of the

On August 15, 2018, a memorial service was held for William R. Howard (July 23, 1943 – August 5, 2018) at Lawrence H. Woodward Funeral Home. Mr. Howard tended toward a serious countenance but had a heart of gold. Howard was an accomplished businessman, political strategist and supporter of Brooklyn’s Caribbean-American culture. Friends of Broward […]readmore

AfroPunk Solution Sessions: Affirming the Right to Be Here

Is it one’s imagination or, as the reggae band Third World crooned, “You’re playing us too close.” Are people of color being pushed into a box to satisfy Euro-Americans? AfroPunk Solution Sessions hosts Bridget Todd and Yves Jeffocat believe this to be true. They say, “White hegemony leaves little space for Black existence.” Ponder that […]readmore

Get Civic-Minded, a Monthly Conversation about the Community

A mix of younger and mature adults, men and women, Caribbean, African-American and Euro-American people were present for the July 28, 2018 Get Civic-Minded monthly meeting held at MS 61. These meetings give St. Assemblywoman Diana Richardson (43 A.D.) the opportunity to not only to be an elected representative engaging with her constituents but be […]readmore

Talking About Rent

The pace at which new construction and housing rehabilitation is occurring in Brooklyn is literally unsettling for many people. Three- and four-story walk-ups are being reconstructed to stand six-stories and taller. Soon, housing costs will be out of reach for households with incomes below $75,000. It’s essential that Brooklynites get side hustles or upgrade job […]readmore