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The State of Local Black Media: Paper, Radio, Online

Louise Dente, host of Cultural Caravan Productions, picked up stakes in Queens on Sunday, January 20, 2019 to present panel discussions at Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn. The program was entitled Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration and Panel Discussion Topic: 400 Years Later (1619 to 2019): Reflecting Back and Moving Forward. The second panel, Black […]readmore

Into the Future: T.I. and Partners Give Space for Innovation

It is a lovely thing to find your passion, cultivate it and see where it takes you. For some professionals, the passion leads them down one particular course which has them honing greater adeptness in that area while others have multiple interests that are cultivated. On January 18, 2019 at BetaWorks, T.I. (nee Clifford J. […]readmore

General Meeting of Brooklyn Community Board 3

Intermittently covering the proceedings of four Brooklyn Community Boards each year is an opportunity to learn about different community concerns and plans. It is also an opportunity to observe the distinct “personalities” of each Community Board. Yes, these 52-member bodies have distinctive ways in carrying out business while following the Robert’s Rules of Order. One […]readmore

Worker Cooperatives: Another Way to Conduct Business

The New York metropolitan region is one business magnet that draws people from across the globe hoping to improve their standard of living. Through a mix of business savvy, a viable business model and financing, men and women are intent on actualizing their dreams. For many, it’s a dogged climb to the top of their […]readmore

CB2 Finally Votes for Biggie and Discusses the Doubling of

Two items – one of interest, one of urgency—were  among those discussed at the November 14thmeeting of Community Board No. 2 (CB2). Chaired by Irene Janne, the meeting was held at the lovely and lively Ingersoll Community Center on Myrtle Avenue, where Shirley McCrae, Chairwoman Emeritus, made an appearance. Of interest to many is the […]readmore

VIDA Celebrates its 45th Anniversary

There’s no sweeter accomplishment than the one that comes from consistent effort and concentration on realizing a particular goal. Then when one looks to the right, left and back to see others collaborating with you, one knows the mission will be accomplished. Albert Vann and Annette Robinson are examples of such mission-driven effort. They and […]readmore