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Part 1 I=d like to explain why I, a white American woman, ardently support reparations to African Americans. I believe that in permitting slavery, our country committed one of the longest-running and most heinous human rights crimes in all of history. THE FIRST CRIME For 246 years we robbed millions of enslaved African persons of […]readmore

Assemblyman Al Vann

OTP:  You=re a 27-year veteran of the Assembly.  Why would you give up that kind of seniority for a freshman seat on the city council?  Al Vann:  Because of my long-range view of what=s best for the community, not what is in the best interest of Al Vann.  I think Annette Robinson has shown great […]readmore

A Layman=s Guide To The Supreme Court Decision In Bush

Q:  I=m not a lawyer and I don=t understand the recent Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore.  Can you explain it to me?  A:  Sure.  I=m a lawyer.  I read it.  It says Bush wins, even if Gore got the most votes.  Q:  But wait a second.  The US Supreme Court has to give […]readmore

2001: Deeper Roots,

Broader Organization by Ted Glick  As the year 2000 comes to a close, and as attention turns toward the official first year of the new millennium, it seems to me that there is one, overriding objective that all pro-justice activists need to prioritize: broadly-based outreach to involve more people in our grassroots-based organizations. As important […]readmore

Democrats Got the Black Vote, Now What Do We Get?

Eighty-seven percent of the black vote went to Charles Schumer.  Only 13% went to the Floyd Flake supported Al Damato.  Rev. Calvin Butts supported Pataki who got only 15% of the black vote.  This says that the black electorate is smart enough not to be fooled by the Flake and the Butts claims to political […]readmore

Making Schools Work for Parents

As another calendar year approaches its end and Kwanzaa is days away, it=s the perfect time to assess effectiveness in all areas of our lives and revamp our plans for the coming year.    On the school front the Fall Open School sessions have just concluded.    Conversations with teachers and parents in various schools brought home […]readmore

A Fam

When the Powell family gathers in a joyous celebration of Kwanzaa this year, a new addition to the family will be present. For this reason the Kwanzaa principles will have a special meaning. Eight month old Christopher will not understand about the candies or ceremony but he will see the loving faces of his family. […]readmore

Unity Party Victory

The newly-formed Unity Party is claiming victory after receiving close to 11,000 votes in the November 3, 1998 elections. Although 50,000 votes were needed for the Unity Party to receive ballot status and recognition by New York State, the Party is exercising self-determination by affirming that we are indeed a party because we gathered 20,500 […]readmore