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“Defeat Never Entered My Mind”

Hon. Constance Baker Motley The last week of September in U.S. political history, most likely will be remembered for the debate between Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden, former Vice President of the U.S., and President Donald Trump at the 2020 First Presidential Debates in Cleveland, Ohio.For knowledgeable Americans, the week marked the 15th anniversary of […]Read More


March 15, 1933, Brooklyn, NY – September 18, 2020, Washington, DC Distinguished Judiciary and Community Leaders Praise the Life and Legacy of U.S. Supreme Court Judge “Humanity is needed in all areas of America’s legal systems.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a justice of great intellectual jurisprudence, wisdom and fortitude, brought the qualities of kindness, compassion and empathy to bear […]Read More

Say His Name: Ayshawn Davis

UPDATE: Suspect, 20, Arrested in Shooting Death of 11-Year-old Ayshawn Davis Troy, NY, detectives have arrested Jahquay E. Brown, 20, of Cohoes, NY,  for  2nd degree murder in the drive-by shooting death of Ayshawn Davis, reported in Our Time Press, this week. Troy PD chiefs thanked the “community and the support the citizens of Troy (showed) to members of the police […]Read More

Are You In?  Have You Been Counted?  Census 2020 Deadline is

Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s  multi-borough “Countdown to our Future” kicked off a two-week campaign, September 17, to increase self-response rates and encourage New Yorkers to open up to door-to-door enumerators in New York City.  He is supported by City officials, elected officials, and major citywide community advocates and leaders who are mobilizing New Yorkers to obtain a complete […]Read More

Dissent is Patriotic

By Aprille RussellI am heartbroken.Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice and Brooklyn native, passed away September 18 at the age of 87.I wish that in this moment we could focus entirely on the life and legacy of this amazing woman.Instead I am terrified by the erosion of women’s rights and civil liberties likely to occur […]Read More

Brooklyn Municipal Building Renamed to Honor U.S. Supreme Court Justice

A Monumental Legacy: Brooklyn is leading the world in celebrating the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As of this printing, the Brooklyn Law School has named a Chair in her honor; Governor Andrew Cuomo has confirmed the future dedication of a statue potentially to be situated in Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooking The Statue of […]Read More

Readjusting Daily Habits Improves Brain Health

by Thomas OppongIn an era of better technology, we are all being rewired to do more to the detriment of our brains. According to experts, our modern lifestyle is chipping away at neural pathways and making us slower, denser and less capable of original thought. Hyperconnectivity is increasingly taking its toll on our brains. In […]Read More

The future is speaking – listen up!

Local to National – Message from San Francisco on Census by Rosina Ghebreyesusfor the San Francisco Bay View (8/20)More and more youth are stepping up to get their families counted in the 2020 census. Talking with a few young Frisco natives, new perspectives are gained on the dynamics of growing up in hard-to-count communities.For most […]Read More