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Mary France

Candidate for Governor OTP:   In terms of this campaign, what is the importance of another party line, what power does it give you, and what are the issues that your campaign will address? Mary France:  There are several lines right now, but in spite of that none of the current parties represent the masses of […]Read More


LEGIT, a five-year-old program of the Osborne Association, is an alternative-to-incarceration program which first-time offender teens are mandated by the court or probation, to attend.  Sharon Content is a former Wall Street analyst for Solomon Brothers,  and LeeRoy Jordan, Jr. is a Qualified Health Professional, who has been with Osborne Associates for eleven years working […]Read More


Million Youth March High School Representative “There is an old Negro proverb: It takes a Village to  Raise a Child.  Well, we are the Village.  We are the Hands.  And the nation is our child.  And, as younger people in our society, we often hear the words, “The youth are our future.”  Well, you know […]Read More

CIA, Drugs, Social Control & Black Folks

Over twenty-five years ago, Marvin Gaye, commenting on the direction of the country said, “It makes you want to hollar and throw up both your hands.”   Marvin was right, and it’s  the natural response to what passes for democracy in the United States.   The newly published  “Whiteout – The CIA, Drugs and the Press” Written […]Read More

Charles Barron – What it Takes to Win the Political

OTP:  The recent primary election only had about 15% of the electorate coming out.  What’s going on and how can we change it? Charles Barron:  Number one, I think that a lot of voters feel they don’t have a reason to vote. They’ve been lied to so much by elected officials that there is a […]Read More

Brother Kazembe Speaks on Working for Unity

OTP:  What is the Universal Nubian Association. Brother Kazembe: The Universal Nubian Association is a loose network of Pan-Africanists and African Nationalists.  Young adults based mostly in New York City. OTP:  What groups are involved and what is it that you do? BK: Our primary focus is promoting nationalism and Garveyism in particular.  We work […]Read More

Breaking New Ground

We appear to be in a golden age of African-American small business development.  The number of black businesses is rising sharply-more than 46% in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s-and the sophistication of the efforts is accelerating as well.  In the past, it was common to see firms launched with little more than a good […]Read More