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Arundhati Roy

Arnove: The Corporate media ask the question over and over again: What can be done about Saddam Hussein? What’s your response? Arundhati Roy: The question is disingenuous. Let’s turn it around and ask instead: What do we do with George Bush and Tony Blair? Should we just stand by and watch while they bomb and […]Read More

An Open Letter to

Dear Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz, I doubt it if you remember me. That’s okay though. I don’t think that I did anything to merit drawing the attention of the dean as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). …I am not writing this letter as a secular […]Read More

About Dr. Malveaux

Dr. Julianne Malveaux is a leading-edge intellectual whose provocative, insight-filled observations are helping to shape public opinion in 21st-century America. Dr. Malveaux, an MIT-trained economist, is a writer and syndicated columnist whose thoughts on national affairs, the American workplace and the economy appear each week in more than twenty newspapers nationally, including the Los Angeles […]Read More

The Long, Bloody Road: Henry Morton Stanley, King Leopold II

There have been a number of “Origin of AIDS” stories in the press. The most recent one appeared in Newsday, July 6, entitled “The Orphans of AIDS”. The reporter wrote, “It was in Kansensero and then in neighboring villages of the Rakai District of Uganda that the modern global AIDS pandemic took off, sometime around […]Read More

The Planters

How seven percent of a section within a nation ruled five million white people and owned four million black people and sought to make agriculture equal to industry through the rule of property without yielding political power or education to labor. Seven percent of the total population of the South in 1860 owned nearly 3 […]Read More


What becomes a legend most?  The famous line seen in advertising ads for a major fur company referred to the unnamed but hardly anonymous befurred subjects B corporate, entertainment, political stars of glitterati America. In the Black community stars shoot out from the earth, like coal to diamonds, and a legend could be your next […]Read More

Property Owners Urged To Check Tax

and Water Status at April 3rd Meeting There are more than eight hundred properties from the Bedford-Stuyvesant area listed on the 60-Day Notice of Tax Lien Sale which was published on March 11th in the Daily News.  This year, in addition to citing  those who may owe eight quarters or more in unpaid property taxes, […]Read More


AJAZZ AND COFFEE, PLEASE!@ Bernice Elizabeth Green Lillithe Meyers and Tiecha Merritt should add jazz messenger to their respective, impressive resumes.  Ms. Meyers and Ms. Merritt are the co-owners of AJazz@, a spot located on the far north end of Bedford-Stuyvesant, at 375 Kosciusko St. and  Marcus Garvey Blvd.   The mother-daughter business partners are seen […]Read More