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Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr. to Run for Re-Election

“I am completing my fifth term and will be running for reelection,” Assemblyman Boyland told Our Time Press. Recent legal troubles and subsequent calls for him to resign have not deterred the Assemblyman representing Brooklyn’s 55th District.

Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr.

Boyland did not make the decision lightly. Politics is the family business. Boyland, Jr. and various family members have served the Brownsville section of Brooklyn for decades. The impact of  his service, and theirs, is all over the district. Support for the Assemblyman runs deep. The days following news of the federal complaint were heady. “The news dropped on a Thursday. Friday was a day of assessment and reflection. It just so happened Saturday our political club had its regularly scheduled meeting,”

Boyland said. “There were about 200 people packed into our tiny office. I could hardly walk through. One after another, people hugged me.” That Sunday, Boyland’s   church lifted him up in prayer.

During the weeks since, everywhere he goes within the district Boyland meets encouragement. It is as if supporters have decided to surround one of their own within a cocoon of their making. This is no surprise. One way or another, the Boylands have touched many lives in the district. Some got their first or second job through the Boylands. Seniors have been feted on day cruises. Quite a few were able to earn a few dollars working the polls.It has not been easy for Boyland, Jr. There are some uncomfortable moments. “I still have to go through this process,” Boyland said referring to the federal case. “I have a good team of attorneys who are fighting.”

While the case winds its way through federal court, Boyland said he is working on strengthening relationships with his fellow Assembly members. “My job,” said Boyland, “is to do the best I can for the district.”

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