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A Crack Widens in New York City’s Real Estate System as the Victimized scream “Enough is Enough” to the Mayor and Buildings Department

Photo: Barry L. Mason Foundation of the house has been compromised by next door construction.

Exclusive to Our Time Press

Homeowners of Central Brooklyn are facing destruction to their properties and are being robbed of their legacies by a few unscrupulous developers who resort to “any means necessary” – sometimes violence — to get what they want however long it takes to get it. Next week, Our Time Press will present a first-person account of another Lafayette Avenue homeowner in search of justice and reparations, and some attention from the New York City Buildings Department.

Photo: Barry L. Mason
Zi-monitor is a high precision caliper affixed
to each side of a crack, measuring any widening.

And she’s not stopping till she gets it. And she’s going all the way.



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