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Day: <span>April 15, 2021</span>

For North Troy Teens, there is SANCTUARY ON THE HUDSON

Teenager’s voices are heard, and their work respected at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy, New York, located within three long blocks of the Hudson River, also a sanctuary for learning. Last summer, Genesis Cooper, Gabby Espada and Shansanique Pollack, under the mentorship of Jared Wesley Singer and Catherine Rafferty ventured out on a […]readmore

Workers Vote No on Union in Bessemer, Ala.

Although the final vote reportedly dealt a blow to Amazon workers’ unionization efforts in Bessemer, Alabama — with, according to the National Labor Relations Board, 738 in favor to 1,798 against, the “setback” has not killed the spirit of the movement. Following are perspectives culled from media coverage of the fight by such workers as […]readmore

Shelton Johnson: Bringing History to Light

Detroit, Michigan native Shelton Johnson had little experience with the natural world. But he always dreamed of living in the great outdoors. When his father was stationed in the Air Force in Germany, Shelton, at age five, became in awe of the Bavarian Alps, later called Berchtesgarden National Park.   “I had no idea at […]readmore

State budget Includes $2.4 Billion for Landlords and Tenants

 Tenants and landlords who lost income during the coronavirus pandemic, may see relief. The new state budget is making $2 billion available through the new state budget agreement reached by state lawmakers last week. The spending plan includes $2.3 billion in federal money, plus another $100 million from the state for those who have been unable to pay […]readmore

Dr. Beverly Wright, Environmental Justice activist and scholar, appointed as

Dr. Beverly Wright, Ph.D, executive director of the New Orleans-based Deep South Center for Environmental Justice which she founded in 1992, has been appointed by President Biden to his White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council.  In this role, Dr. Wright joins other appointees in advising President Biden and Vice President Harris on how to address […]readmore

What’s Going On – 4/15

SPRINGTIME IN AMERICA A week after Easter, the season of rejuvenation and rebirth. America is reading the obit of  Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old African American,  killed by a white police officer in Brooklyn Center Minnesota,  who says she could not distinguish between her taser and her revolver. The murder unfolds against the backdrop of the […]readmore

Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez to Dismiss 90 Convictions That Relied

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez today announced that his Conviction Review Unit will be asking the Court to vacate and dismiss 27 felony convictions and 63 misdemeanor convictions that were directly based on the work of former undercover New York City Police Department Detective Joseph Franco. The former detective has been indicted in Manhattan for […]readmore