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Day: <span>March 19, 2021</span>

A Year of Loss Claimed Many Faith Leaders

Last Sunday marked one year since New York State’s first known fatality from COVID-19 were reported. Since then, according to Mayor Bill DeBlasio, the total number of deaths amount to “more than the city lost in World War II, Sept. 11 and Superstorm Sandy” combined.Sad words , somber music, images and speeches marked the day. […]readmore

Cicadas Set to Emerge for First Time in 17 Years

By TOM VENESKYwww.citizensvoice.comWhen it comes to lifespan, cicadas are the Methuselah of the insect world.Similar to the biblical patriarch that lived for 969 years, cicadas are one of the longest-living insects on earth with a life cycle of 17 years.Compared to the lifespans of the mayfly (24 hours), adult mosquito (two weeks) or common housefly […]readmore

Global Heating Pushes Tropical Regions Towards Limits of Human Livability

Oliver Milman,theguardian.comThe climate crisis is pushing the planet’s tropical regions towards the limits of human livability, with rising heat and humidity threatening to plunge much of the world’s population into potentially lethal conditions, new research has found.Should governments fail to curb global heating to 1.5C above the pre-industrial era, areas in the tropical band that […]readmore

12 Black Women in AI Paving the Way for a

Published on June 15, 2020Caroline LairFounder of The Good AI, Cofounder of Women in AIAt The Good AI, we strongly believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be inclusive and celebrate diversity. However, AI is also the reflector of its creators and this translates into the reproduction of certain biases into AI products related to race, gender […]readmore

Vera Pigee: Pivotal In The Desegregation Of The Whites-only Bus

JAE JONES blackthen.com Vera Pigee was an American civil rights worker in Clarksdale, Mississippi. She served as branch secretary to the Coahoma County chapter of the NAACP, a chapter she helped organize with civil rights leader Aaron Henry. She was an advisor to the Mississippi state NAACP Youth Council. The group received its charter in […]readmore

Taking Control of Our Narrative

Excerpt from Ida B. the Queen: The Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Ida B. Wells In 2020, the Pulitzer Prize Board awarded a Special Citation to Ida B. Wells “for her outstanding and courageous reporting on the horrific and vicious violence against African Americans during the era of lynching.” Michelle Duster, one of Ida B. […]readmore

Deb Haaland confirmed as first Indigenous US Cabinet Secretary

Interior secretary from New Mexico will be responsible for US’s land, seas and national resources Nina Lakhanitheguardian.comDeb Haaland has been confirmed as the secretary of the interior, making her the first Indigenous cabinet secretary in US history.The 60-year-old from New Mexico will be responsible for the country’s land, seas and natural resources, as well as […]readmore

Rep. Ayanna Pressley, Black Economists Back Federal Job Guarantee Resolution

Many politicians run their campaigns on platitudes about “more jobs” and decreasing the wealth gap.In an announcement released last month, Rep. Ayanna Pressley called for the government to create jobs for everyone “It’s a matter of economic justice,” she said, “and it’s long overdue.”Joined by leading Black economists and advocates, Pressley said her resolution would […]readmore