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Day: <span>October 29, 2020</span>

BP Adams to Supreme Court Confirmation: “(You) have prioritized politics

“Weeks ago, we stood with advocates and elected officials in front of the newly-renamed Ruth Bader Ginsburg Municipal Building calling on Senate Majority Leader McConnell not to confirm any Supreme Court Justice until a new president takes office. Justice Ginsburg was a giant of the law, and she applied the ideals of equality and inclusivity […]readmore

View From Here: Which Will it be: Darkness or Light?

By David Mark GreavesI’ve never had such trepidation looking forward to a presidential election. There’s not only winning or losing. There’s almost winning or almost losing and the aftermath of fury that is possible. It is counting down the days between election and inauguration, with each day bringing new assaults on the system, leaving us […]readmore