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Day: <span>October 22, 2020</span>

Attorney Lola Waterman Speaks on …Guardianships

Health care proxies and powers of attorney are two of the legal documents that can be used in planning one’s estate for incapacity, as discussed in recent articles. Other available tools include, but are not limited to, trusts, living wills (not to be confused with a Last Will and Testament), Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment […]readmore

Quarantine Has Created Possibilities

In New York State, parents of school-aged children had the option to choose if they wanted their children to adhere to a blended schedule for school, or if they were going to do a full remote learning schedule. The blended schedule has the child reporting to the school for instruction on specific days, and learning […]readmore

What’s Going On

THE USA 11/3 ELECTION Americans have 2020 election fever!. Temperatures are rising. To be sure, most of the electorate has decided to vote Biden or Trump. The election rituals like Presidential debates and rallies only prolong the agony that we must endure until November. 3.Can America accommodate another four years of the uncertainty and vagaries […]readmore

In Unity, Strength:Millions of Votes, One Movement

View From Here By David Mark Greaves VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!There is no other message of any importance now. The only thing that can save us from being ruled by White supremacists and an elite who are satisfied with the masses having just enough for room and board while the profits of their production accrue to […]readmore

Conversation with Omowale Clay: Excerpts

Our Time Press: I did not realize until that last interview we conducted with you over the summer that you are the graphic artist who created those revolutionary posters and messages for the December 12th Movement events. That’s amazing work. Impressive. Omowale: I was telling this young brother the other day about Sonny Carson, a […]readmore

Historic Million Man March Turned Young Men into Leaders

Darren A. NicholsSpecial to the DetroitFree Press This day — Oct. 16, 1995 — will be etched in my soul forever because of the historic Million Man March.For me it began on an early Sunday morning, packing my Nissan Altima, heading to Washington, D.C.I recall three of us — me, my roommate Derek Williams, along […]readmore

These Conversations Were Not Televised:

Black Solidarity, Power, Leadership: Revolutionary Ideas“that Black People are able to do Things Themselves”Previously Concealed, Now Revealed Many voices were raised in the Black consciousness movements in the United States of the 1960’s and 1970’s and the ones most heard by the masses were the ones “on the ground” in the community. Such a voice […]readmore