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Day: July 31, 2020

OTP Revisits A Scholar’s Reflections on Gun Violence and Black

Professor Amos Wilson The gun violence epidemic in African-American communities is made possible by the availability of guns and exacerbated by the health pandemic, increased poverty, stress and systems imbued with racism. But there is something else. Something the late social theorist and author, Dr. Amos Wilson, Professor of Psychology at the City University of […]Read More

Just a thought … A Topical Solution: Hand Sanitizer as an Industry

Could communities where viruses and other related illness hit the hardest become centers of production for such products as hand sanitizers and other simply made products we currently import? The demand for hand sanitizers since the beginning of spring has increased  hundred-fold.and so have sales of the product.  It’s as much a big business as it is a public health necessity. […]Read More