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Day: <span>December 1, 2019</span>

Community Calendar

Wednesday, December 4th Protect Our Safety Net Hospitals Community Forum Interfaith Medical Center, 1545 Atlantic Avenue, 6:30-8:30pm, FREE. Learn what we can do together to protect access to health care. Fight for fair funding to hospitals that have taken care of most of the uninsured and people on Medicaid. Get New York State elected officials […]readmore

Unbossed & Unbowed: Ingrid Griffith’s Play Brings Shirley Back

Q&A with Playwright/Actor Ingrid Griffith and Maitefa Angaza for Our Time Press Shirley Chisholm returns to tell her story in outspoken terms in playwright Ingrid Griffith’s new work, Unbossed & Unbowed, on Friday, November 29th. Griffith herself plays the intrepid Caribbean-born politician in a one-woman, audience-engaged production at Bailey’s Café. She tells Our Time Press […]readmore

Azellia White, One of the First Black Female Pilots, Dies

By Katherine Lewin Azellia White, one of the nation’s first Black female pilots, died on Sept. 14 at 106 years old in Texas. “She says you just felt free up there, just free,” her great-niece, Emeldia Bailey, told CNN affiliate KTRK. “There weren’t any racial barriers or things like that when you’re in the skies.” […]readmore

What’s Going On

What’s Going On By Victoria Horsford USA/2020 ELECTION Last week’s Democratic debate was the best ever but played to low ratings, perhaps because America was saturated by House Intelligence Committee Impeachment Hearings. Thought that it was the best performance by US Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, who were exceptional and not dodging important references […]readmore

The Kunta Kinte Shirt, The Gestapo-Inspired Workout and Why I’m

The Thinker’s Notebook By Marlon Rice Here are the facts: Three weeks ago, media reps from the NFL began calling around to media outlets. Their message to the outlets, be ready for a breaking story next Tuesday. A week after prepping the media, NFL officials reached out to Colin Kaepernick on the following Tuesday, offering […]readmore

The Concord Baptist Church: A Vision of Love For the

Eulene Inniss Thanksgiving can have dual meanings. It can be a time for expressing gratitude or a time of mourning, as in the case of indigenous Americans. No wonder why then, that in this era, where the atmosphere is permeated by “Alternative Facts”, many legitimately question the motives for current celebrations. For the family of […]readmore