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Day: <span>June 21, 2019</span>

Another Perspective on An Important Education Issue

An article printed in the June 6-12 edition of the paper objected to EMBER Charter School’s submitting a request to the Department of Education for an expansion from K-8 to K-H.S. This week, EMBER founder and Managing Partner Rafiq R. Kalam Id-Din II responded, presenting the merits of the school and correcting what he says […]readmore

Brooklyn Lawmakers Hold Speakout on Health Care & Soaring Costs

By Melissa Clark , Kings County Politics       It seems like getting sick will cost you an arm and a leg – literally. The ongoing health care- and prescription- drug catastrophe is a conversation and debate that will continue until Washington comes up with some resolution. Who are the people that suffer? You bet your […]readmore

Nelson Mandela School For Social Justice Achievement Awards

“BOYS & GIRLS” CAMPUS VILLAGE CONTINUES TO RAISE & PRAISE ITS PRIDE & JOY The award-giving continues for students at the Boys & Girls H.S. Campus — comprising Boys & Girls H.S., The School of Research and Service and The Nelson Mandela School of Justice.   And Our Time Press is happy to be on […]readmore

Fathers/ Fathering: Superheroes do not have to defy gravity and

     Amongst 18 siblings, Dr. Christophe Boxe’s father, Keith Boxe, was raised on a farm in Stony Hill, St. Andrews, Jamaica. To help with the family finances, he dropped out of high school and earned a trade as graphics and print designer in Kingston, Jamaica. Dr. Boxe’s first memories were of his father’s boundless energy […]readmore

Fathers/ Fathering: Rediscovering Lost Values

Founding Fathers: This year’s annual May “Rediscovering Lost Values” tour of South-based shrines to the Civil Rights movement was — in the words of diarist Glen Beck — “particularly poignant.” Actually, those words were a description of Tour students standing on the exterior landing of the Dexter Historic King Memorial Church in Montgomery, Alabama, with […]readmore


  On Thursday, Senator Montgomery’s Credit Union Bill (S727-A/A3320-Zebrowski) passed the New York State Senate and now awaits a vote in the Assembly. It would allow credit unions to receive the same economic incentives as banks to operate in underserved communities through the Banking Development District (BDD) program. The BDD program was enacted to incentivize banks to locate […]readmore


My dad, Albert Lee Walter Johnson, wife of Myrtle Sylvia, father of six daughters and one son. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant in the New York Police Department, Transit Division. I can see him now sitting at his desk writing checks or studying for a promotional exam. He wasn’t the type to compliment […]readmore