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Day: <span>April 29, 2019</span>

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Sir Hilary Beckles, Headline Tribute to Don Rojas

By Herb Boyd                               For most of his adult life, Don Rojas has been a revolutionary freedom fighter for justice and equality. That spirit remains undaunted as he wages a battle against multiple myeloma, an aggressive form of bone cancer.  His treatment includes chemotherapy, infusions of steroids and bone marrow transplants.         Not only is […]readmore

Democracy Now! As Supreme Court Appears Poised to Allow Citizenship

  Excerpts: democracynow.org April 24, 2019   JUAN GONZÁLEZ: The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case challenging the Trump administration’s plans to include a question on citizenship to the 2020 census. Voting rights activists fear that adding the question will deter immigrants from participating in the census and lead to a vast […]readmore


NEW YORK CITY:   MEMO to Columbia University President Lee Bollinger:  I was shocked when I read the stories about Columbia University Black American senior Alexander McNab, a victim of racial profiling at a Columbia campus on April 11.   Media reported that he got a few “Hello Sirs” from public safety officers, which he ignored.  Similar […]readmore

Thinker’s Notebook

  By Marlon Rice Why Magnolia?             I want to tell you the story of my two grandmothers.               My maternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Morgan. She was a barely educated woman from Portsmouth, Virginia that migrated to the North with dreams of a better life in the big city. She worked odd jobs, […]readmore

Serenity on Tompkins

                The last decade has seen a robust period of growth and development for the Tompkins Avenue Corridor. Once an underserved strip anchored by liquor stores and abandoned storefronts, Tompkins Avenue has become a vibrant reflection of the community that the corridor serves: diverse, social, eclectic. So then, it doesn’t come as much […]readmore

 Jets/Giants Mock Draft 2019

                                                               By Eddie Castro   Tonight, many young college football stars will see their dreams of becoming a professional football player come true as many student-athletes will either make the trip to Nashville, Tennessee or stay at home with readmore

Kushner Switches Lanes while Cummings Moves Straight Ahead

  By Maitefa Angaza  White House Senior Advisor (and Donald Trump son-in-law) Jared Kushner never stopped communicating with – and has resumed spending time with – young Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. This, in the aftermath of the horrendous murder of Jamal Khasoggi, a dissident Saudi native and a columnist for the Washington Post. What’s […]readmore