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Day: <span>January 28, 2019</span>


AMERICA, AMERICA The White House Weekend: President Trump called a press conference last Saturday, 1/19 to announce his plan to end the government shutdown with a broad immigration bill accompanied by a $5 billion price tag for his border wall. Proposal was DOA with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. On Sunday, VP Pence invoked Dr. King, […]readmore

The Perils of Popularity Politics

(Betcha’ can’t say that three times real fast) I wasn’t alive when John F. Kennedy rose from War Veteran to Politician to Senator and then to President of the United States, but decades after he was assassinated my parents and elders would speak with honor and awe of the handsome Prince of Camelot and the […]readmore

Into the Future: T.I. and Partners Give Space for Innovation

It is a lovely thing to find your passion, cultivate it and see where it takes you. For some professionals, the passion leads them down one particular course which has them honing greater adeptness in that area while others have multiple interests that are cultivated. On January 18, 2019 at BetaWorks, T.I. (nee Clifford J. […]readmore

Start Believing

If you were to have asked me before the NBA season to pick two teams that I feel would be considered “surprise teams” I would have said the Phoenix Suns because of their young core of talent they have managed to build within the past three years and the Los Angeles Lakers, well, because LeBron […]readmore

Meet the 22-Year-Old Breaking the Blood Bank Crisis in Cameroon

  by Nick Dall, ozy.com As a nursing school student in Cameroon, Melissa Bime remembers watching helplessly as a mother struggled to find a blood match for her 5-year-old daughter, Rita. After three days of fruitless searching, Rita died. A week later, Bime discovered that a hospital 20 minutes away had the right blood all […]readmore

Community Calendar

Friday, January 25th  Jazz 966 Presents: the James Fleet Band Jazz 966, 966 Fulton St., 8PM, $25 (dinner included). Join Central Brooklyn jazz lovers and fans from across the borough as Jazz 966 welcomes the James Fleet Band. A lively good time is always to be had, courtesy of the organization that’s been hosting the […]readmore