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Day: <span>November 8, 2018</span>

Four Winners Bring a New Level of Diversity to Congress

Sharice Davids, Native American, Kansas: “We have a chance to reset expectationswhen people look at Kansas. I knew we could do better and we just did.”     Rashida Tlaib, Muslim, Michigan: “Not one person asked me about my faith. Not one person. They kept asking, ‘You gonna sell us out? Are you gonna sell us out? .. That’s what’s amazing […]readmore

Democrats Win the New York State Senate

Democrats take the state Senate and Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins will become the first female Majority Leader in the state Legislature in January when the Democrats will hold all three branches of state government. City & State reports: “Now that the party has control of the state Senate, they are poised to pass many pieces of legislation that Republicans […]readmore

View From Here

Thank you, President Trump, for this much-needed “slap in the face” to wake the citizenry out of its complacent slumber. We’ve come to realize that attention really does have to be paid to elections because they matter more than was thought. Having allowed a narcissistic, demagogic crime boss to be installed as President of the […]readmore

Defacement of African Burial Ground Brings City Together

The African Burial Ground in lower Manhattan was desecrated by a racial slur last Thursday (Nov. 1st). At a packed press conference held on November 5th, political and religious leaders came together to speak out against the racist act, as well as the hate-filled atmosphere the country finds itself in. The recognition is that this […]readmore

African Burial Ground Architect Rodney Leon on the Defacing of

“Thank you all for being here today and thank you for providing me the opportunity to speak with everyone at the site of the African Burial Ground National Monument. It is the first National Monument in the United States specifically dedicated to the sacrifices and memory of enslaved people of African descent. “The African Burial […]readmore

NY/ NOVEMBER 6 New York State makes history with 11/6  election results.    Governor Andrew Cuomo was –elected to a third term.  Downstate  Democrat Letitia James  is the  first African American  and the first woman elected as   NYS Attorney General.  She defeated  Republican opponent Keith Wofford, himself an African American.   Two African Americans running for Attorney General […]readmore