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Day: <span>July 27, 2018</span>

Deadline Today to Reunite Immigrant Children with Parents

It Won’t Be Met and Kids Are Still Being Separated As We Speak The Trump Administration was ordered to reunite all the immigrant children separated from their parents with those parents by today. That won’t happen. Judge Dana Sabraw of the U.S. District Court of Southern California (whose own mother was an immigrant from Japan) […]readmore

Talking About Rent

The pace at which new construction and housing rehabilitation is occurring in Brooklyn is literally unsettling for many people. Three- and four-story walk-ups are being reconstructed to stand six-stories and taller. Soon, housing costs will be out of reach for households with incomes below $75,000. It’s essential that Brooklynites get side hustles or upgrade job […]readmore


30,000 Women Celebrated Hair and Beauty in Prospect Park By Yaasantewa Mensah with Bernice Elizabeth Green Sunday, July 15th may have been loaded with a number of exciting events throughout the city, but none matched the energy of this year’s 5th Annual Curl Fest event in Brooklyn. Some 30,000 women of color – of all […]readmore

Culture Passes Give Library’s New Life

As time progresses, it becomes extremely evident that institutions such as libraries are not really taken advantage of. This is likely because advances in technology have allowed people to access whatever books they want at the swipe and click of a finger. The people that do still visit libraries tend to only do so for […]readmore

The Women’s League of Science and Medicine Awards 27 Scholars

For nearly 60 years, Brooklyn’s own, The Women’s League of Science and Medicine, has been flying under the radar in comparison to many of the borough’s larger nonprofits, but its grassroots strength in awarding scholarships to students continues to grow. And on Saturday, the organization gave out 27 scholarships to young students at its 58th Annual […]readmore

Organization of Adult and Career Education (OACE): Death or Rebirth?

Six educators in varying stages of retirement: retired, just retired or still a few years gathered at two locations in May and June to discuss the state of adult education in New York City. They longed for yesterday, agonized about current affairs and offered suggestions for making the Organization of Adult and Career Education (OACE) […]readmore

A Movement to Erect More Statues of Women in NYC

The First Would Be Funded by the End of the Year SHE BUILT NYC! is the significant first step in creating a public art collection that more fully represents the diverse history of New York City, beginning with commemorations of visionary and inspiring women. Through August 1st, New York City residents are invited to submit […]readmore

Tumble in the Bronx

The New York Yankees have started out the second half in an inauspicious way. The team lost the first of three games to the cross-river rival New York Mets, escaped a victory in the second game. The third game was rained out and the team headed to Florida to battle division rival Tampa Bay Rays, […]readmore