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Day: <span>June 25, 2018</span>

Make no mistake, these are bad times in America and it is small comfort to say, “I told you they were like that,” when others are horrified at acts of inhumanity, as though it’s never happened before. And doesn’t happen every day in criminal courtrooms across the country. And if the Republicans succeed with their […]readmore


NY Attorney General Barbara Underwood joins 21 Attorneys General “calling on US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end the Trump Administration’s cruel and illegal attacks on children and families lawfully seeking asylum in the US as they seek protection from domestic, sexual and gang violence.” Last week, Americans learned about detention centers for immigrant children, […]readmore

Thinker’s Notebook: A Bag of Chips in a Cage

Slavery was the main economy of the Antebellum South. Men, women and children were sold like chattel in auction houses filled with overseers and slave owners on a regular basis. In Savannah, the Race Course was the biggest auction block in town. On one occasion, they auctioned off almost 500 slaves in one day. In […]readmore

The Mass Incarceration of Young People is a Major Problem

-by Christopher Adams, 12 – Eagle Academy for Young Men II   Rediscovering Lost Values …at the Equal Justice Institute in Montgomery, Alabama  Can you believe that children can get incarcerated at 7 years of age? The Slave Patrol made sure that the slaves did not learn how to read or write. They also made […]readmore

New York Knicks Mock Draft

Tonight, the lives of many college/international basketball players will change forever as they will get to walk across the Barclays Center stage to hear their name called by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Tonight’s NBA Draft can very well determine who will change a team’s franchise for the next 10 years. This year’s draft class is […]readmore

Community Calendar

Monday, June 25th Michael Bennett: Things That Make White People Uncomfortable Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture @ 1PM. Join the Schomburg Shop as we welcome NFL player and activist Michael Bennett for a lunchtime conversation and signing on the release of his new book. Bennett adds his unmistakable voice to discussions of racism […]readmore