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Day: <span>February 18, 2018</span>

Grappling with the Opioid Crisis

Opioid use and its addiction have swept through the United States in recent years. This tidal wave of misery has been left unchecked due to the stigma of drug dependency. While social drinking and recreational drug use are common in this country, once someone crosses the addiction line, support and understanding dwindles. In the PBS […]Read More

The Thinker’s Notebook Presents: Community Chest

In October 1998, Our Time Press chronicled the passing of Robert Cave, Sr. Cave was a prominent Brooklyn photographer who specialized in capturing events. Mr. Cave passed away on September 8, 1998 of heart failure, leaving behind two children, son Robert, Jr., and daughter Eurila. We chronicled Eurila in that same issue. At the time, […]Read More

This week opened with many celebrations and bacchanal rituals, especially in countries or states with large Catholic populations like Brazil, Trinidad/Tobago and Louisiana, USA. Mardi Gras in New Orleans; on February 14, Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, the fun ends. This week can be compared to the month of March, […]Read More

At the Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on Tuesday, all of the heads of the primary intelligence agencies emphatically agreed that the Russians initiated an aggressive campaign to influence the past presidential election. They also agree that the effort was successful, cost-effective and “we have seen Russian attempts to impact the 2018 elections” and the intelligence […]Read More

Portraits of former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery will mark the first time the museum has commissioned African American artists to paint a president (by artist Kehinde Wiley) and his wife (by artist Amy Sherald) . Barack Obama’s portrait will be part of the permanent “America’s Presidents” […]Read More

Real-Life Superheroes to Call Our Own

By Maitefa Angoza Yes, some people are insisting that Black Panther is really Black – in aesthetic, not just ethnicity. And yes, this is the first time so many Black people have been seen looking fabulous and doing fabulously well in a shiny world that stretches the limits of our imaginations. But that’s not the […]Read More