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Day: <span>January 26, 2018</span>

Netflix: Y’all Need to Chill—Part One (Yes, there’s more!)

I am soooo tired of companies screaming diversity and inclusion, but it really turns out to be more talk than action. That phase is nothing more than a smoke-and-mirrors way of lulling Black folks into believing that we will be treated fairly and equitably. Netflix happens to be one such company. The streaming giant boasts, […]readmore

Brooklyn Youth Op-Ed Contributions

The mission of the Brooklyn Youth Sports Club is to build an enriching educational setting for economically disadvantaged youth, using athletics as a vehicle to inspire them to fulfill their academic, physical and personal potential. This fall, I had the pleasure of bringing my creative writing workshop to BYSC to engage the fourth- and fifth-graders […]readmore

Elsie E. Richardson Scholarship selects winners for 2017-2018 academic year

Aziza Pope, Israel Ali and Carlos Mayers, three bright and ambitious college freshmen from Bedford-Stuyvesant, were awarded the 2017-2018 Elsie E. Richardson Scholarship. This is the second year of the scholarship founded by Richardson’s granddaughter, Celeste Moses, paying homage to Ms. Richardson’s legacy of civic-mindedness and public service. The $1,000 prize is awarded to applicants […]readmore

Curtain Closed on Actress Olivia Cole at 75   

Olivia Cole is well known for her Emmy-award winning performance as Mathilda in Roots though she did perform additional notable TV roles such as Maggie Rogers in Backstairs of the White House, and, First Sunday. In the spring of 2016, she unretired to perform the role of Sadie Pressley, one of the Delaney sisters in […]readmore

Author, activist Julius Lester dies at 78

By Dusty Christensen and Bera Dunau, The Daily Hampshire Gazette @dustyc123 @BeraDunau BELCHERTOWN — Julius Lester, a renowned author, musician, activist and photographer who taught for three decades at the University of Massachusetts, died Thursday surrounded by family at the age of 78. Lester was a national figure who chose to make his home in […]readmore

Words of Solidarity and Leadership Stir the Women’s March

So, there was this march the other day. Nothing major. Just held in 18 cities across the globe. No big deal. Just millions of focused, determined and fed-up women and the people who love them, all showing up in solidarity acres deep. The marchers were inspired by the caliber of women – both on stage […]readmore

Two Dynamic Young Women are Lifting as They Rise

It’s said that 2018 will be the year of the woman! OTP welcomes the opportunity to include additional features to our ongoing focus on women’s issues and achievements. This week we introduce Glynda C. Carr and Kimberly Peeler-Allen, two young women who have had great impact in the pivotal positions they’ve held. They’ve now gone […]readmore

Gentrification or Colonization?

My work as a restaurant consultant places me right in the midst of a community’s social scene. My industry is all about relationships – between owners and staff, between staff and customers, between customers and customers. Visit any tavern or restaurant in your neighborhood, take a seat and look around you. The people sitting at […]readmore