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Day: <span>January 18, 2018</span>

Panel for Educational Policy to Vote on WEB DuBois &

The Panel for Educational Policy (aka NYC Department of Education) has scheduled a meeting on January 24, 2018, 6:00 PM at PS 20, the Anna Silver School, located at 166 Essex Street, New York, NY, wherein the panel will vote on the consolidation of WEB DuBois Academic High School (17K489), located at 402 Eastern Parkway, […]readmore

Slavebreeding in the South’s “Peculiar Institution”

By Professor Milfred Fierce Thomas Jefferson Randolph, nephew of Thomas Jefferson, speaking to the same Virginia legislature during the winter of 1831-1832, boldly asserted: “The exportation has averaged 8,500 for the last twenty years. It’s a practice, and an increasing practice, in parts of Virginia to rear slaves for market. How can an honorable mind, […]readmore

Haiti: The tip of Freedom’s Spear in North America

Allow me to tell you a wonderful story about a most productive and resilient island in the Caribbean. The island was called Hispaniola and the colonization of this island was shared by Spain, who owned two-thirds, and France who owned the remaining third. For those of you not aware, colonization was an imperialist strategy that […]readmore

USA/CURRENT EVENTS The Trump Presidency is consistent, consistently offensive to people of color. Take last week’s talks about immigration to a bipartisan group of legislators at the White House. The president was referencing Haitians, El Salvadorans and African countries when he said, “Why are we having all of these people from shithole countries come here?”   […]readmore

Trump’s Assault on Haiti and the Hypocrisy of It All

The Haitian Times Editorial By Vania Andre On the eve of the eighth anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters to hit Haiti, President Donald Trump reaffirmed his stance against Black and Brown immigrants migrating to the United States. During a meeting on Thursday evening at the White House to discuss immigration policies, Trump […]readmore

Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebrated at BAM

Brooklyn’s 32nd Annual Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was infused with a message of finding joy in resistance to the forces now in power. Men dangerous for their racism, ignorance and greed, have given us the opportunity to show our mettle against evil and ready to step into freedom’s battle. We were not […]readmore

Cory Booker blasts Republicans for amnesia over Trump’s “shithole” remark

Democratic Senator says Homeland Security Secretary is ‘complicit’ after she says she ‘did not hear’ the president use the term ‘shithole’. Democrats accused Republicans of selective amnesia on Tuesday as President Donald Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, testified under oath that she “did not hear” Trump use the term “shithole” to describe African countries. New Jersey […]readmore