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Day: <span>December 22, 2017</span>

Children, Poor, Middle-Class SCROOGED!

Who profits? People like Trump’s economic advisor Gary Cohn who’s current net worth is reportedly at $285 million. After getting an offer to lead Trump’s National Economic Council, the former Goldman Sachs executive abruptly left the investment bank. Cohn wrote the tax plan along with U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, another Goldman Sachs multi-millionaire, and […]Read More

Kwanzaa Holiday Celebrations

New York City is an incredible place to be during the holiday season. You are blessed to be a part of it. Treat it like a tourist and do all the things you never have time for during the year. Have yourself a “Staycation” and discover all of the delights that abound you. Most of […]Read More

Rob Fields Announced as New President and Executive Director, Weeksville

The Board of Trustees of Weeksville Heritage Center is pleased to announce the promotion of Rob Fields from Interim President & Executive Director to President & Executive Director. Rob joined Weeksville in September from marketing industry trade organization the Association of National Advertisers, where he was Marketing Director. “In just a few short months, Rob […]Read More

I Support Omarosa in Solidarity!

Sadly, a lot of Black people are celebrating the fact that Donald Trump, a.k.a. “Number 45”, kicked Omarosa to the curb. Or according to her, she resigned. That’s really “six of one thing, half a dozen of another”. The bottom line is, in Omarosa’s time of need, Black people feel they got the key to […]Read More


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god….I could be the grandmum of the future King of England. I, a lowly, blue-collar, overeducated and undervalued woman from North Portland Ave. in the Fort Greene Projects of Downtown Brooklyn, could have spawned a daughter who would marry a prince who is only five to seven […]Read More

The just-passed Republican tax plan shows the same greed, self-service, and lack of empathy as President Trump and those around him­­. And yet more than those two sins, this change of tax laws is diabolical in its own special way. When the top .01% demand and get their tribute, they do it by inflicting pain […]Read More