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Day: <span>November 11, 2017</span>

The Four-Decade Drought

As a kid growing up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the month of November was a very exciting time for any kid. It marked just a few weeks left of school before I can go on winter recess break, which was always a delight. Knowing that Thanksgiving and Christmas was around the corner. Before all of that took […]readmore

Obituary Mimose Pinckombe February 2, 1921 – November 2, 2017

Mimose Pinckombe February 2, 1921 – November 2, 2017 Mimose, or Mimine, as she was affectionately known, was born Rose Margueritte Mimose Pinckombe on February 2nd, 1921 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She was the daughter of Mr. Emmanuel Pinckombe and his wife Athalie Vieux-Pinckombe; the eldest of eight children. Mimose completed her Secondary Education at age 16 and immediately began working as a legal secretary in the Justice Department in Haiti during […]readmore

In the News …

Emmy Award-winning journalist Dan Rather explores what it means to be American and the principles that define America in his new book What Unites Us: Reflections on Patriotism. In a collection of essays, the journalist outlines the importance of the institutions that make up the country and explores the traditions that link all Americans. Monday night, in […]readmore

“The Old Settler” Weaves Together Sisterhood, Love and Race in

Review John Henry Redwood’s “The Old Settler” is currently performing to SRO audiences at The Billie Holiday Theatre at Restoration Plaza, thanks to director Michelle Shay’s clever mounting and the play’s star performances. Without giving too much of the plot away, playgoers are leaving the theatre with a greater appreciation for the value of love […]readmore

Everything is Bigger in Texas

In Japan, if you wish to purchase a gun, you must first attend gun ownership classes and pass a written test. Then you go to shooting range classes and pass a shooting test. Then you have to take a mental health test at a local hospital to ensure that you are not suffering from any […]readmore


NY/NOV. 7: Will history repeat itself in the NYC mayoral race? Will incumbent Mayor de Blasio get 96% of the large Black vote like he did in 2014? Pollsters are predicting a low turnout but a major win for Hizzoner who captured commanding figures in 2014: Latinos 87%, Asians 70% and whites 50%.  Early 11/7 […]readmore

Police Officer Isaacs Found Not Guilty

Independence Day (July 4th) is usually a day people look forward to gathering with family and friends to enjoy good food and conversation. For some families, however, this day marks a tragedy that seeks justice. In the very early morning of July 4, 2016, Delrawn Small, 37, lost his life on Atlantic Avenue between Bradford […]readmore

A New Day at Boys & Girls High School

By Margot McKenzie Too often when we think of a school’s curriculum, we think of specific courses a school has to offer, but after a sit-down one Friday afternoon with Grecian Harrison-Walker, Principal of Boys and Girls High School, one gets the idea curriculum is the sum total of a student’s experience once they enter […]readmore