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Day: <span>July 24, 2017</span>

What’s Going On

  By Victoria Horsford POLITICS 101 Last weekend, the New York Hamptons’ deep pockets sect met with US Senator Kamala Harris, one of the Democratic Party’s rising presidential stars, a woman dissed in recent months at the Intel hearings about possible Trump ties to Russia by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Senators Richard Burr and John […]readmore

The Fight for Fair Funding for Schools in NYS Continues

Guest Opinion On June 27, 2017, the New York State Court of Appeals issued a ruling in the New Yorkers for Students’ Educational Rights (NYSER) school funding lawsuit. The NYSER case was brought by parents and many statewide and NYC-based education groups who are suing the state due to its continued failure to provide students […]readmore

View From Here: Meanness flows from the top like a

by David Mark Greaves There is meanness being applauded at the Departments of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services, and a climate destructor at the Environmental Protection Agency.   The Voter Integrity Commission is beginning its voter suppression agenda with requests for voter information from all of the states. Most of them refused, but […]readmore

The Melo Saga

By Eddie Castro It has sure been quite the roller coaster ride for the New York Knicks this past season. With another 50-plus loss campaign, the failed experiment of hiring Phil Jackson, more drama has surfaced with the Knicks, none like the drama that surrounds star player Carmelo Anthony. As I acknowledged in previous articles, […]readmore

Jeff Sessions wants to let police take more people’s stuff

Trump’s Attorney General is pushing civil asset forfeiture to a new level By German Lopez In America, it is legal in most states for police to take and keep your stuff without ever convicting you for a crime. Now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions apparently wants to let police do this even more often. Most states […]readmore

Thinkers’ Notebook by Marlon Rice

Lift Every Voice The idea that only white voices, or only foreign voices, or only other voices are the ones that are shaping the narrative of this New Brooklyn is a farce. I told Tai Allen that I’d meet him at Khem’s Jerk Spot, but it doesn’t open until 2pm on Sundays and our meeting […]readmore

Tubman, Sharpton and National Action Network

By Elizabeth Rankin-Fulcher Sometime in early 2000, I received a call from the National Action Network inviting me to speak at its regular Saturday morning meeting about the Black Women’s Leadership Caucus, Inc. (“BWLC”) and its campaign to honor Harriet Tubman with a national holiday.   Although I had demonstrated with the Rev. Sharpton on […]readmore

As United Bed-Stuy Community Presses for Justice in Double Homicide,

$10,000 Award for Information Established By Kelly Mena Antigun violence advocates and community members united in a Peace and Prayer Ceremony to highlight the unexpected murders of two young women in Bedford-Stuyvesant last night. The emergency rally brought out more than a hundred attendees to the Stuyvesant Gardens Houses on Gates Avenue to celebrate the […]readmore