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Day: <span>July 17, 2017</span>

The Thinkers Notebook by Marlon Rice

Bill Maher, Ice Cube and this alleged Repurposing & Repossession of “nigga” What if I took a gun, stuck a rose stem first into the barrel and called it a vase? And then, every time me or my friends walked around with this gun with a rose stuck inside we called it a vase, but […]readmore

Thinkers Notebook by Marlon Rice: Love Your Neighbor

The other day I was doing some petitioning along Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights. Petitioning isn’t just a necessary part of the democratic process, but it’s also an opportunity to interface with your community. If you can wade through all of the no’s and I’m not interested’s, and if you can bounce back from being […]readmore