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Day: <span>April 8, 2017</span>


 ON SENATE FLOOR, GILLIBRAND URGES COLLEAGUES TO REJECT BILL THAT WOULD TAKE AWAY FUNDING FROM FAMILY PLANNING HEALTH CLINICS Gillibrand: I am struggling to understand why, amid all of the problems we have to solve here in this country and around the world, why this Congress seems to have such a singular fixation on controlling […]readmore

We Can Win the War on Homelessness

By State Senator Velmanette Montgomery As part of his “War on Homelessness”, Mayor de Blasio announced a highly controversial plan to open 90 new shelters across the city. As the State Senator for a district that is home to multiple shelters, I strongly believe that there is a need to revisit state and city policies […]readmore

WHAT’S GOING ON By Victoria Horsford

  NEW YORK, NY NYS and NYC major reelection dates loom large and New Yorkers are getting good news from Governor Cuomo who talks about a $1.4 billion antipoverty initiative for Central Brooklyn.  The omnibus plan would attack poverty, joblessness, education, affordable housing and health. Brownsville, East New York, Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy are destinations […]readmore

Donald Trump Jr. Praises Alt-Right Misogynist for Attacking Susan Rice

Trump Jr. said Mike Cernovich, known for once tweeting “date rape does not exist,” deserves Pulitzer for attacking Susan Rice. By Sheryl Estrada / April 5, 2017 Donald Trump Jr. said on Tuesday that Mike Cernovich, who runs the alt-right website DangerandPlay.com, deserves a Pulitzer Prize for a blog post he wrote accusing former national […]readmore

Congressman Jeffries to President Trump: Release Your Taxes!

  Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that President Donald Trump shall publicly disclose his tax return information, which would conform with an important tradition connected to occupancy of the White House, as well as uphold his promise to the American people that he would release his tax returns. Whereas, every president since […]readmore

Public Advocate Letitia James Makes History: Council Approves Her Wage

  By Nidhi Prakash New York City, where women of color earn even less than their national counterparts, just approved a bill that will make it illegal for employers to ask women about their salaries at previous jobs. The question has been illegal for government agencies to ask potential employees since November last year, but […]readmore