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Day: <span>December 22, 2016</span>

 The Adjustment

By Eddie Castro Thomas Jefferson’s boys have started the season quite strong with an impressive 2-0 start. Last week, in a matchup against South Shore, it was the first tough task the Orange Wave has faced, which was led by Mikael Burnett Wala. The team held an 11-point lead after one quarter. The early struggles […]readmore

Coaches’ Corner

Girls Varsity Basketball Paul Robeson 63 vs. Prospect Heights 34 Paul Robeson Campus Coach Phree: The game went well, we played hard, we came out fighting. We did well, the defense was better, a little choppy at times but always swarming. The other team was good, they showed grit, they got behind early in the […]readmore

Kujichagulia: Self-Determination Now!

by Amadi Ajamu As we enter the sphere of President Trump, we must make a thoroughgoing analysis of the choices that lay before us. Mr. Trump’s relationship with white supremacists and antilabor corporate leaders in and out of his incoming administration has given many people pause. “The Choice” campaign, led by the December 12th Movement, has […]readmore

This is how tyranny begins: Why will President Donald Trump

Rallies and tweets give Trump an unprecedented platform for telling Big Lies without fear of contradiction This originally appeared on Robert Reich’s blog. Donald Trump has just finished the last of his nine post-election “thank-you tour” rallies. Why did he do them? And why is he planning further rallies after he becomes president? One clue is that […]readmore

What’s Going On

By Victoria Horsford  GOOD NEWS On December 19th, President Barack Obama grants clemency to 231 federal inmates, he issued 78 pardons and commuted the sentences of 153 prisoners. To date, his acts of clemency totals 1,324– the largest ever for any US President. He has commuted the sentences of 1,178, including 395 serving life sentences.   […]readmore

R.I.P. Dr. Chika Onyeani: The Chairman Now Belongs to Ancestors

By Sidique Wai, December 12, 2016 Today, on this sixth day of his death, I have composed myself and tried to find the appropriate words to say good-bye to an icon, Dr. Chika Onyeani. I first read about his passing in a posting from my friend on Facebook, Afrikan Spot Editor and Publisher Isseu Diouf […]readmore

State Senator Hamilton Organizes Panel Discussion on Hate

By Akosua K. Albritton Is it lingering anger from September 11, 2001, or is it Old Jim Crow? Is the pressure cooker bombing in Chelsea still unnerving or is it the imagery that Donald Trump drew up during his US Presidential campaign? Hate crimes that are civil and criminal offenses are occurring in Brooklyn. St. […]readmore

Fed Pols Mostly Mum on Trump Israeli Ambassador Appointment

By Stephen Witt U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, considered something of an Israeli war hawk and usually known to weigh in on just about anything, has remained quiet on one of President-elect Donald Trump’s more controversial appointments – Long Island bankruptcy attorney David Friedman as the U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Friedman, 58, does not believe in the long-held American […]readmore