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Day: <span>February 18, 2016</span>


  By Victoria Horsford  TRUE OR FALSE:   Atlah Worldwide Church, located at 38 West 123 Street and Lenox Avenue, is a place of worship and the source of community enmity.  Its Pastor David Manning is known as the ‘Hate Pastor of Harlem” because of the inflammatory, anti-Obama and homophobic signs prominently displayed along the church’s […]readmore

Union Plumbers Volunteer to Help Flint Residents With Water Crisis

BY TRACY SAMILTON / MICHIGAN RADIO Since October, plumbers with United Association Local 370 in Flint have been volunteering to install filters and faucets to get lead out of people’s tap water. On Saturday, the local guys got some help – from a small army of more than 300 plumbers driving in from Lansing, Detroit, Saginaw […]readmore

Mary Ward: A Life on Hold

By Akosua Albritton How does one go from being toasted in 2010 by Andrew Cuomo, then-State Attorney General, for sparring with predatory lender Delta Funding to restarting one’s life at age 86? Ask Mary Lee Ward. Ward was evicted from her home at 320 Tompkins Avenue in Brooklyn on August 14, 2013. She considers herself […]readmore

Slave Theater: Symptom of a Bigger Problem

“There is the lack of understanding about estates and how to protect your estate even in your demise.” Councilman Robert Cornegy By Mary Alice Miller The recent private sales and proposed development of the Slave Theater and adjacent properties have exposed raw wounds. The properties, first sold in 2013 to Fulton Halsey Development Group after […]readmore